Noses To The Glass: Will Wearable Devices Replace Smartphones?

Talk and data converged on the handset years ago, but wearable devices and the tablet may prompt those two channels to subdivide into a new tag team of mobile connectivity. ...More

  • Regression To The Mean - Or, The More Things Change...

    Reading about journalist Andrew Sullivan's decision to fly solo, I couldn't help but think of how in corporate finance, we go through alternating periods of consolidation (through mergers and acquisitions) and separation (through spin-offs, divestments and sales). Executives and bankers basically flip-flop their arguments to convince shareholders that it all makes sense (and to be fair, sometimes it does), but it's bizarre: how could 1+1=3 in one year and then 2-1=4 the next? In any case, similarly, the media world sees a pattern of talent getting tired of working for Big Media and striking out on its own, and talent ...More

  • What's A YouTube View Really Worth?

    "What is a real, successful YouTube view?" This is a question we are asked by clients all the time. Unfortunately - like most other online measurement questions - there isn't one standard answer that has been largely adopted by the industry. ...More