Friday, January 4, 2013
Pop Goes The Cheesecake Factory's Current Branding Campaign

It took nearly half a year, but I finally made a new friend out here in the suburbs. His name is Jack and he's a wellspring of positive energy, quick with a high-five and enthusiastic if ...More

  • YouTube Takes 'Remote Control' Of Next-Gen TV

    YouTube apps on devices will now serve as discovery and remote control tools for the YouTube TV experience on more screens. Arguably, mobile works best as a second screen when it allows TV to remain ...More

  • Regression To The Mean - Or, The More Things Change...

    Reading about journalist Andrew Sullivan's decision to fly solo, I couldn't help but think of how in corporate finance, we go through alternating periods of consolidation (through mergers and acquisitions) and separation (through spin-offs, divestments and ...More