• Netflix, Warner Bros. Strike TV Deal

    Netflix's video-on-demand service has struck an eight-TV show deal with Warner Bros., including current first-year highly rated NBC show "Revolution," as well as SVOD rights to new USA Network show "Political Animals." ...Read the whole story

  • Dish Network Puts Second-Screen App In 'Hopper's' Pouch

    Dish Network today launches its own 'second screen' iPad app that leverages social networks to help users discover new TV content and converse about what they are watching. ...Read the whole story

  • Adap.tv Names Morse CFO

    Aided by the promise of online video advertising, Adap.tv just scored a major financial player to grow its business: Tim Morse was named its first CFO. He believes his new employer is nicely positioned to take advantage of online video's top trends. ...Read the whole story

Will FOX Group Acquire 100% Of Hulu In 2013?

With Hulu's founding CEO Jason Kilar resigning and planning to leave the company in the next three months, rumors abound about his and the company's future. ...More

  • Happy TV Executives Seek Halfway Digital Advertising Goal Line

    A happy 50-50 advertising scenario is the near-term goal of what some old-line media-centric companies are seeking. Wired magazine, for example, says over 50% (59% to be exact) of all its ad dollars now come from digital efforts. But what does this benchmark mean for TV networks and studios? ...More

  • Experts Mull The TV Of Tomorrow

    For my first column of the new year, I always like to look back in order to look ahead. What do media executives -- those on the front lines -- see as the future of television? ...More