• Mobile Ad Revs To Hit $11B

    A new Gartner report projects worldwide mobile ad revenue will increase 16% to $11 billion this year and more than double by 2016. Gartner says its estimates include mobile Web display, in-app display, search and maps, video/mobile TV and messaging. ...Read the whole story

Windows Phone, What Can You Do For Me?

At some point in the future, it's possible that I will recast my phone as an organizational nerve center. In theory, I could use it to track my spending, deadlines and numerous important appointments. It could direct me to Wi-Fi-enabled haven and Yelp-approved public restroom alike. Heck, it could prompt me to modernize my current keep-track-of-self scheme, which consists mostly of Post-It notes and mnemonic catchphrases. ...More

  • Allocating Marketing Budgets With Projections

    The rapid growth of the Hispanic American consumer segment has been widely discussed over the last few years. It started well before the 2010 Census, which revealed that Latinos in the United States had grown by more than 27 million or nearly 10% during the first decade of the new century. This growth has certainly caught the attention of chief marketing officers at major corporations, advertising executives, search engine optimization experts, and other marketing professionals who are scrambling to tap into this burgeoning consumer group. ...More