• Video Use Rises On All Devices
    Are video appetites bottomless? Some may say so. At the very least, appetites keep growing. Nielsen's just-released total audience report found that video use across computers, smartphones and tablets jumped nearly 20% compared to a year ago.
  • Should There Be A New Category Of Video Buying: Silent Video?
    The power of traditional television has always been conveyed in three little convincing words used for ages by CMOs, agency media strategists and creatives alike: "sight, sound and motion." Now with new and fragmenting distribution channels for television/video (T/V) including online, mobile and OOH, these qualities have been fragmented, causing advertisers to face at least five different types of viewer experience.
  • Brands Using Video Grow Revenue Faster, Study Says
    Brands that use video for marketing are growing their revenue 49% faster than brands that aren't. Specifically, companies that relied on video in at least one marketing channel saw revenue growth of 13.3% compared to 8.9% for non-video marketers, according to a new report from market research firm Aberdeen Group. The study surveyed 168 companies on their use of video.
  • Best Practices for Video Across Platforms
    Let's say you're a brand. We don't have to convince you that you need a video strategy, right? You have one -- surely. And since you do, let's talk about some best practices across the leading video platforms in support of branded video content.
  • Combating Video Ad Blindness: Seamless Integration Into User Experience
    Autoplay videos with pre-roll ads drastically improve the chances of a billable, viewable video impression. It's no mystery why Yahoo, Twitter, and Facebook have recently taken steps to enable them; Twitter says autoplay results in a 7X increase in completions. Many see beyond the numbers to a structural change of the Internet's transition from a print and display medium to one that more resembles the immersive quality of TV. The autoplay format shadows the TV commercial itself: native, automatic, and in-stream. Sounds promising. As tempting as this analogy might be, signs are emerging that autoplay may not fit as nicely ...
  • Music & Charitable Giving Key to Back-to-School Success For Old Navy, Target
    A notoriously difficult season to catch consumers' attention, back-to-school is a crucial time of the year for retailers to increase sales in an overcrowded space. In order to be successful, brands need to create campaigns that rise above the noise. This is where Old Navy and Target set themselves apart. By creating campaigns that closely resemble music videos with catchy tunes, they successfully captured the attention of their target market.
  • Half of Internet Homes Own Connected TV
    Over-the-top services are playing nicely with traditional TV. About 40% of Internet users have both pay TV and an over-the-top service, while 42% have pay TV only, and 11% have pledged their allegiance to over-the-top alone. Among over-the-top users specifically, about 78% also have a multichannel video service, according to a recent report from Horowitz Research.
  • Cablers Gain Broadband Subs; Live Video Viewing Rises for Pay-TV Operators
    Broadband is a thriving business for cable operators. Top cablers added more than 500,000 new broadband customers in the second quarter, an increase that is likely due in part to the continuing rise of video viewing via high-speed connections.
  • The Search For A Single Stack: Answer To Video's Fragmentation Problems?
    There are more digital advertising formats, channels and devices than ever before, providing numerous ways for brands to connect with consumers. This is exciting for both advertisers and publishers, but also daunting. With multiple technology options for every channel, each of these formats and executions must be considered independent of one another. Video itself is exploding, especially on mobile screens, resulting in a marketing ecosystem that is changing faster than the tools designed to transact the media.
  • Shorter Isn't Always Better In Mobile Video Ads
    Mobile video viewing habits are shapeshifting daily, and so is consumer behavior with ads on these platforms. Advertisers are testing a range of formats, from short Vine-esque ads to longer-format ones, to interactive spots, in a quest to learn which resonate most with viewers. There aren't many hard and fast conclusions, but a new study from Google offers insight into how mobile viewers might respond.
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