• How To Develop Online Video Strategies
    It's often said that content is king and distribution is queen, but platitudes are a "moral without a fable." That's because relevance is actually king. Consider that there are now over 188 million unique monthly viewers for online video in the U.S. alone. Not every viewer is appropriate for your brand, and your message isn't relevant to everyone. It's important to define your audience, position ads accordingly, and to plan an effective distribution strategy.
  • Next-Gen Enthused About Video, Research Jobs
    Everybody knows that you can learn as much from young people as you can teach them, and these days, maybe even more. That's often true at least in my field, which is audience research. I'll give you an example: You read everywhere about the growth of online video. But hearing directly from recent college graduates about their perspective on how they want to consume video content is priceless.
  • Foot Locker Finds Branded Video Success Going Back To School
    While not as flashy as the Super Bowl, World Cup, or Holiday, the back-to-school season is important for many brands. And one of the most prolific advertisers during the back-to-school season is Foot Locker. Last year, Foot Locker released six campaigns in August to capitalize on back-to-school shopping. This month alone, it has already released three campaigns with multiple assets, and it doesn't look like it's slowing down.
  • Going Beyond 'Click-To-Play' For Mobile Video Ads
    Buyers and sellers of online video advertising have been expanding the scope of T/V (Television/Video) ad messaging from the "click-to-play" constraints of pre-roll and mid-roll "instream" formats to "outstream" formats that run within non-video environments in either an "auto-play" or "view-to-play" manner. Things have been changing rapidly in the mobile video sector as mobile publishers and tech providers look to bring these newer online video formats into the mobile ecosystem.
  • Internet Pulls Ahead Of TV
    The Internet is now ahead of TV, and it shows no signs of stopping its growth. For the first time, the number of broadband customers exceeded the number of cable subscribers.
  • What You Should Know About Gen Z And Branded Video
    Marketers are starting to look ahead to Generation Z, a young generation almost the nothing like the one that came before it. Gen Z includes those born after 1995 (some say 2000s), which accounts for 2 billion people worldwide. They grew up in a post-9/11 world, which has made them less optimistic than Millennials. Also, they grew up amid a recession, which has made them more frugal and conservative than Millennials. Gen Z is very socially aware and vocal about its ambition to change the world now, through volunteering -- and in the future, through their jobs.
  • Marketers Aren't Making Brand Video A Priority, Study Says
    Many consumers visit brand Web sites on the hunt for videos, but brands don't often offer enough video content to satisfy the demand. Consumers want video to help make purchase decisions, and 59% of consumers specifically say they're "likely to watch video when visiting a brand web site," according to a study of more than 1.000 consumers and more than 500 marketers from Levels Beyond, a video software company and content inventory platform.
  • Convergence: Pardon The Rant
    How is it possible that while our industry talks about cross-screen buying and integrated campaigns, convergence has still managed to sneak up on us? Think about this: PewDiePie's 350 million views in June are literally 35 times more than the 10 million audience for "Breaking Bad"'s season finale. It's obviously not apples to apples - but convergence is here. We've reached the equalization of talent and content across all media. So how did we miss it? The answer has to do with navel-gazing.
  • Live Or VOD? That Is The Question
    I've produced or streamed thousands of corporate events since 1998. Since then, I've seen the different use cases of live video change. It went from an "add on" to a business or marketing event, to a core strategy and advanced way to connect with consumers around the world. But when marketers, brands and publishers that I speak are considering live video, their first question isn't about the benefits of live. Instead, they ask when they should use live video -- and when VOD is more important to reach a broader audience.
  • Facebook's Video Quality Problem
    Despite YouTube's dominance, online video is a hotly contested space. As social networks and streaming content providers fight for eyeballs, perhaps none are fighting harder for a bigger share of audience than Facebook. However, there are some fundamental challenges in place.
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