• Study: 36% Regularly Watch Video-On-Demand
    YouTube is not only the world's biggest video site, it's also the first stop for most online video viewers. OK, that's sort of obvious, right? But the fact that most online video viewers watch YouTube video says something important about the type of video consumers like: They like a broad range. Sure, TV programs are popular, but many online video viewers turn to YouTube first.
  • As Dove Celebrates 10 Years of Real Beauty, Others Start to Play In Their Space
    This year, Dove celebrates the tenth anniversary of its Campaign for Real Beauty. The campaign is as ingrained in the brand's identity as "Just Do It" is with Nike. And now, the video space is finally seeing the effects of its influence with a recent outpouring of female empowerment-themed campaigns.
  • Your iPhone Is Your (Media) Wingman
    I know: It's a ridiculous title. But stay with me for a minute.When you go out with your friends, there's always that one person in your group who makes things happen: the so-called wingman. Because of this friend, you talk to new people. You dance with strangers. You might even make a date for next weekend with that person you never would have approached on your own. Thanks to your wingman (or wingwoman), you've made new connections - whether long-term or fleeting - and were introduced to new people or experiences. When it comes to media, smartphones do this, too. ...
  • Why Advertisers Need To Embrace Adaptive Streaming
    What's the best part of online video? That it's video. As new multiscreen habits take over TV consumption, online video has become increasingly significant for advertisers to reach and engage their audiences. It was a key bit of technology that brought us here, coupled with the drive of broadcasters who recognized the demand for a TV-like experience online. It's time for advertisers to start caring about the experience as well.
  • An End To Invisible Video Advertising
    Half of all Internet advertising bought by brands is not seen by Web users -- a shocking statistic about a situation that's worsening by the year, thanks to the rise of programmatic buying. In 2012 comScore estimated that 31% of advertising was not seen; this number rose to 54% in 2013.For video advertising the situation is potentially even more precarious, due to the domination of pre-roll advertising formats.
  • To Create Long-Form OR Short-Form Content? That Is The Question
    For years, creative agencies were restricted by the confines of television advertising. The lucky - and few - may have had the chance to tell a brand's story in a minute commercial, but most had to condense their stories into 15- or 30-second spots. Then online video came along and shook up the whole game. Online video affords brands the opportunity to produce long-form content. No longer restricted by television commercial breaks, brands have used the medium to explore the idea of content in non-traditional units of time. There are ads clocking in a two minutes, short films, half an ...
  • Mobile Video Advertising To Double in 2014
    Perhaps the appetite for video is boundless. Two new reports on video consumption suggest that consumers do indeed want video in many forms, judging from the growth in mobile video advertising, coupled with increases in video-on-demand usage.
  • Beyond Viewability: Ad Clutter And Video Verification Metrics
    My first "Beyond Viewability" post talked about understanding the actual content of a video and its relevance to both increasing revenue via targeting and reducing risk via brand safety. Now we'll talk about a couple of additional data factors that aren't part of any viewable standard and also might not fall under the traditional definition of the word but are still extremely important when trying to measure and evaluate the strength and quality of an impression. Some fall under the umbrella of ad clutter, while others are more attributes of the videos and publishers.
  • Context: New Standard For Online Video Advertising
    Context is a topic often covered among advertisers. The goal of reaching an audience with a relevant message is age-old, and technology has allowed us to get better and better at it with targeting. Online video advertising spend is growing rapidly, and we've truly passed an inflection point at the level of relevance possible. What was rare or very expensive in the early days of online video is now commonplace, and the idea of context in online video advertising can take on many forms.
  • Cannes Proves Branded Video Bridges Gap Between Award-Winning & Mass Appeal Ads
    For many years, there was a perceived divide in advertising. Award-winning advertising was considered edgy, but definitely too artsy and out-there to win the hearts of the everyday consumer. The general wisdom was that while clients, like agencies, like awards, there were fewer brands willing to take a risk on this kind of work. Most brands seemingly would gravitate toward work that was safe, and maybe a little boring, but played to the broadest possible target. But as we've seen at Cannes over the last couple of years, there's no reason that award-winning, edgy work, can't also appeal to the ...
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