September 14 - 17, 2014
Montauk, NY

Follow The Viewer, Follow the Behavior…Everywhere

Do we even “lean back” anymore? Whether on TV (usually in tandem with a device) on the desktop, tablet or phone, video consumption has fragmented not only across screens but across modes of use and levels of engagement. This isn’t TV anymore, and this isn’t even Web video as we have known it. “Video” now means clips, UGC, subscription plans, Instagram, Facebook and Vine – all nibbling into smaller crannies of a viewing day. Video consumption, formats and discovery are untethered from predictable viewing circumstances and contexts. This is an historic shift in how viewers consume video storytelling, and it impacts everything from grand strategy to media planning, from what video gets created to new technical hurdles of cross-screen distribution. At the annual Montauk Video Insider Summit we follow the viewer as she accesses streaming media anywhere, everywhere and on every available screen, and ask how this changes the equation for marketers and agencies trying to tell big stories here.

Paid content smorgasbords like Netflix and Amazon are devouring viewers’ time spent with digital video, so what does that mean for the health of the online ecosystem and pulling TV dollars to the web? And video viewing has itself become a fragmented activity, more of a dance across many devices, times and place. How does creative and ad creative adjust to new modes of consumption? And how do you even plot out a strategic approach that can work well across those many screens, then measure it with any accuracy? With fragmentation comes necessary automation, and with them problems with delivery and user experience.

Video fragmentation is not just a buzzword. It is the new normal affecting every aspect of media creation, distribution, planning and buying. At The Montauk Video Insider Summit we help you put together the exploding pieces.