August 18 - 19, 2020
Virtual Event

The Next Normal- CPG Marketing After the Storm

The recent crisis, lockdowns and supply disruptions stress tested all CPG brands. Even when consumer sales grew, the COVID-19 event has both accelerated existing trends and challenges and posed new ones. At the annual CPG Brand Insider Summit marketers from brands old and new share what they have learned in recent months and their plans for moving forward.

Purchase paths and buying behaviors changed radically. Consumers became digital-dependent. They dropped and tested new brands, relied on new channels, had different expectations from media. What did we learn? What does the path to a new normal look like? What will change for good?

We will explore:

  • Mapping the media plan now
  • Facing the Private Label challenge
  • Learning from D2C brands and models
  • Amazon strategy after the crisis
  • Data as a brand strategy

Attendees of the MediaPost Summits Empower Their Organizations

  • Optimize your digital marketing strategy by participating in top quality content
  • Congenial summit experience with all attendees working together to enhance digital marketing programs
  • Be a real part of driving the digital industry forward
  • Unparalleled networking with other senior level digital marketing professionals and development of lifelong professional contacts
  • Editorially driven content and structure to promote professional summit experience for real knowledge exchange during the daytime hours
  • Actual capped attendance in order to ensure meaningful, productive networking so all attendees leave really knowing and learning from their fellow participants
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Conference Content Programmer

Steve Smith, Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost

Brand Insider Summit CPG 2020 Attendees Include

Reasons and Benefits of Attending

  • Unparalleled access and knowledge sharing with the leading minds in the Industry
  • Morning Sessions – a marketers-only agenda of peers sharing with peers their best practices, case studies, and newest tactics which can all be applied to your marketing strategies
  • Noon Roundtables – open, off the record, discussions of the morning's topics and how they relate to marketers' own business and experience.
  • Afternoon Activities allow attendees to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings while forming relationships that last well beyond the conference
  • Cocktails and evening dinners bring the group together over casual conversations and delicious meals
  • Be part of driving the Email Channel forward as a key component of marketing campaigns, within your company and the industry
  • Unlimited access to stay in touch with the office: WiFi enabled conference room and quiet office area; opportunities in morning to stay up to date at the office; afternoon five hour break in order to stay on top of duties
  • Congenial, relaxed experience. Attendees are working together to move the industry forward
  • Enhance your Email initiatives with new solutions learned and partnerships gained


  • Morning Sessions - a marketers-only agenda of peers sharing with peers their best practices, case studies, and newest tactics which can all be applied to your marketing strategies
  • Noon Roundtables - open, off the record, discussions of the morning’s topics and how they relate to marketers’ own business and experience.
  • Afternoon Activities - allow attendees to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings while forming relationships that last well beyond the conference
  • Cocktails and evening dinners - bring the group together over casual conversations and delicious meals

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Tuesday, 08/18

Day 1 - New Shopping, New Media

Already disrupted, the consumer path to purchase was fully upended this year. We open the CPG Brand Summit mapping media against radically changed media and shopping behaviors.

12:30 PM ET
Opening remarks
Lisa Singer, Event Editorial Manager, MediaPost 
12:40 PM ET
Scott Finlow, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Pepsi Foodservice 
1:00 PM ET
Sponsor Spotlight Presentation
1:10 PM ET
Panel: Here to Help?: Brand Building for the Next Normal
Every brand just had multiple gut checks about what they are, how they relate to their customers's lives, and the real depth of brand loyalty. The customer journey was radically disrupted this year, as were supply, and even the traditional role of brands. Moving forward, how should companies be thinking about brand?
Suzanne Darmory, Senior Social Content Manager, International Beauty Brand 
Gretchen Koch, Senior Director of Marketing & Innovation, Consumer Division, Peet's Coffee 
Tom Rowe, Senior Manager, Digital Marketing Operations, McCormick 
1:35 PM ET
Sponsor Spotlight Presentation
1:45 PM ET
Learning from the DTCs
The COVID-19 pandemic has consumers flocking to online shopping and looking to brands for support and a more personalized connection. As we begin to venture outside again these changing habits are likely to continue; making this an optimal time for brands to look to D2C models not only for customer acquisition but as a long-term safeguard for potential future market disruption. What can brands learn from D2C’s as we move forward in this uncertain time?
Alex Reed, CMO, Truman's 
Jason Steinberg, Global Direct to Consumer (DTC), Colgate-Palmolive 
2:00 PM ET


2:00 PM ET
Roundtable: From TV to Influencers: What Is the 2021 CPG Media Plan?
CPMs plummeted, then rebounded; creatives locked down, and stayed locked down, and influencers sought to fill the void; streaming and digital inventories ballooned, but where to direct those eyeballs? As we move into Q4/Q1, what is the media plan now?
Jason Adamski, North American Consumer Connections Lead, Ferrero 
Amy D'Souza, Media Director, Constellation Brands 
Brad Feinberg, NA VP of Media and Consumer Engagement, Molson Coors 
Eve Rabin, Senior Manager; Media Innovation & Partnership Development, PepsiCo, Inc 
2:00 PM ET
Navigating Cancel Culture in a Hyper-Social World
Suddenly brands are finding themselves thrust into a range of controversy; having to make hair-trigger responses for fear of backlash. From COVID-19 to social justice, from platform boycotts to “insensitive” ads; social media amplifies even the smallest of signals. How do you respond? Do you respond? How serious is Twitterverse and is this culture of accountability stifling creativity?
Eric Bandholz, Founder, Beardbrand 
Paul Hanges, CEO, JibJab 

Wednesday, 08/19

Day 2 - The New and Improved Business Model

From DTC challenger brands to Amazonifcation, leveraging first-party data to subscriptions, today we open the books on new revenue and distribution models.

12:30 PM ET
Welcome Back, Marketer Survey
Lisa Singer, Event Editorial Manager, MediaPost 
12:40 PM ET
Mahisha Dellinger, CEO & Founder, CURLS Beauty Brands 
Lisa Singer, Event Editorial Manager, MediaPost 
1:00 PM ET
Panel: What Is The Amazon Strategy Now?
The 800-pound gorilla just got bigger, and the COVID-19 crisis only accelerated Amazon's dreams of becoming the go-to source for packaged goods. Amazon has already been a multichannel force of nature for a CPG's e-commerce business, advertising opportunities, market testing, customer intelligence and more. How have marketer strategies evolved in recent months as buying patterns shifted online? What new opportunities has the crisis opened up for brand expansion, conquesting, merchandising? And what will a post-COVID-19 Amazon strategy look like now?
1:25 PM ET
Sponsor Spotlight Presentation
1:35 PM ET
Trivia Contest
1:40 PM ET
Case Study: Waking Up To Gaming
Joseph Barnes, Director, Bud Light Sports Marketing, Anheuser-Busch 
2:00 PM ET
2:00 PM ET
Roundtable: Women CPG Leaders: the Industry’s Most Untapped Resource

Female shoppers make or influence up to 80% of all consumer purchases and yet occupy less than 30% of senior positions in the CPG industry. How is this sector missing a perfect opportunity to create stronger connections with customers via leadership that better reflects who they are? How do women leading the CPG marketing charge bring unique perspectives to brands and help cut through the clutter?

Sona Bajaria, VP of Marketing, Pernod Ricard 
Randi Jachino, VP of Marketing, Weleda North America 
2:00 PM ET
Building the Better Data Strategy
First party data is the holy grail of marketers, but CPGs remain at a disadvantage in the data game. How are CPGs finding, building and best leveraging their data trove?
Joseph Sanfratello, VP of Performance Marketing, Hubble Contacts 

Featured Speakers

Jason Adamski

North American Consumer Connections Lead

Sona Bajaria

Pernod Ricard
VP of Marketing

Eric Bandholz


Joseph Barnes

Director, Bud Light Sports Marketing

Amy D'Souza

Constellation Brands
Media Director

Suzanne Darmory

International Beauty Brand
Senior Social Content Manager

Mahisha Dellinger

CURLS Beauty Brands
CEO & Founder

Brad Feinberg

Molson Coors
NA VP of Media and Consumer Engagement

Scott Finlow

Pepsi Foodservice
Global Chief Marketing Officer

Paul Hanges


Randi Jachino

Weleda North America
VP of Marketing

Gretchen Koch

Peet's Coffee
Senior Director of Marketing & Innovation, Consumer Division

Eve Rabin

PepsiCo, Inc
Senior Manager; Media Innovation & Partnership Development

Alex Reed


Tom Rowe

Senior Manager, Digital Marketing Operations

Joseph Sanfratello

Hubble Contacts
VP of Performance Marketing

Jason Steinberg

Global Direct to Consumer (DTC)

Lisa Singer

Event Editorial Manager

Steve Smith

VP, Editorial Director, Events

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