Charleston, SC - May 15 - 18, 2022

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CPG-to-C: Building the New Consumer Relationship

The CPG marketer's relationship to her customer has never been more complex, fragmented but ultimately promising than ever before. From e-commerce to influencers, from owned and earned online media to highly personal mobile and social channels, brands are cultivating deeper and more direct connections to their customers in the digital age. But how do they build brand in such a fragmented, performance driven digiverse? How do they build their own data war chests and customer maps with Google, Facebook and Amazon dominating the virtual aisles and end caps?

MediaPost aims its long-running Brand Insider Summit at the CPG segment. We bring both legacy manufacturers and emerging players together for a unique peer-to-peer format where marketers share with one another insights, successes and plans for more direct, consumer-first relationships. They will map the new customer journey and media plan for CPGs. Marketers will share their strategies for building first party data and learning data driven brand building from a new generation of DTC upstarts in food, beauty and health. And as everyone adjusts to the new media, commerce and consumer Amazon rules, they explore the many possibilities for testing, selling and advertising in and around the new Goliath.

The inaugural CPG edition of the Brand Insider Summit will help marketers leverage the digital disruption before it disrupts them.

Attendees of the MediaPost Summits Empower Their Organizations

- Optimize your digital marketing strategy by participating in top quality content

- Congenial summit experience with all attendees working together to enhance digital marketing programs

- Be a real part of driving the digital industry forward

- Unparalleled networking with other senior level digital marketing professionals and development of lifelong professional contacts

- Editorially driven content and structure to promote professional summit experience for real knowledge exchange during the daytime hours

- Actual capped attendance in order to ensure meaningful, productive networking so all attendees leave really knowing and learning from their fellow participants


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