Can Big Branding Survive Big Data?

When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. And when data is the marketing hammer, most projects lean toward performance goals at the expense of branding considerations. But as marketers look toward longer term growth and customer acquisition in a cluttered landscape, they need a more strategic approach to building data, tech and the media plan itself. How can they keep this month’s bottom line results from overwhelming a sustainable growth strategy? 

At our annual Lake Tahoe meet-up for marketing strategists, the MediaPost Insider Summit series will confront the burgeoning tension between brand and performance. Some of the world’s leading omni-channel brands as well as a new generation of direct-to-consumer upstarts will share their solutions for balancing brand equity and ROI. What does a long term brand strategy look like now? Are media and tech budgets shifting in the next year? How are marketers building deeper profiles, richer data that expand the customer base and drive growth? How do brands tell stories, build relationships with consumers in ways that also drive results.

This August, the smartest marketers share their strategy for making the whole add up to more than the sum of its parts. 

We will explore:

  • Brand strategy that drives both performance and growth
  • Bringing data and media in-house
  • Do you need a Customer Data Platform (CDP) 
  • Personalization 2.0
  • How DTC companies build brand with a performance media model 
  • Letting social influencers tell your story
  • Branding and Attribution Modeling

Reasons to Attend

  • Unparalleled access and knowledge sharing with the leading minds in the industry
  • Opportunity to hear from and interact with over 40 speakers who are senior level brand marketers and solutions providers
  • Morning Sessions provide best practices, case studies, and newest tactics which can all be applied to your marketing strategies
  • Be part of driving the channel forward as a key component of marketing campaigns, within your company and the industry