Garry McGuire

RMG Networks CEO

Garry McGuire has been the Chief Executive Officer of RMG Networks since June of 2009. Garry is responsible for all aspects of the company's profitable growth and market expansion strategy. McGuire leads the company's strategic business development, M&A activities, as well as acting as the Chief Revenue Officer of the company. Since joining the company, McGuire has seen RMG grow at over 70% CAGR and complete three acquisitions of digital media companies.
McGuire joined RMG with more than 15 years of advertising, marketing and general business experience on the client-side as a chief marketing officer and on the agency-side as president of several domestic and international advertising agencies.

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Interstitial Minute: The Evolution of In-Flight Advertising
Date/Time: 10:00 AM

Coming to a seat-back near you: A new technology is bringing the power of TV's sight, sound & motion with cinema's captiveness and the Web's targeting, reporting and interactivity.

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