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OMMA Data Driven Marketing

Data doesn’t need to get “bigger.” The feeds and inputs from sites, retail, and countless cookies everywhere are already overwhelming. The task at hand is making data more usable for marketers in identifying audiences, targeting campaigns more efficiently, and making all aspects of their organization in closer touch with customer needs. At this summer’s OMMA Data and Targeting we cut the topic of “Big Data” down to more manageable bite sizes. Data is transforming agencies in multiple ways, from shifting investment and staffing to reorienting how media is segmented and bought. We drill deep into whether these layers of costly data are really having the effect the industry intended in actual campaigns. And are the many models for attributing credit to the many pieces of digital marketing really adding up? We know that data can inform targeting but how is it working its way beyond the trading desks and up the organizational ladder to inform product design, customer relations, and overall strategy. And what is to be made of the biggest dump of new information (and inventory) the Web has ever seen, the torrents of social media? Is this new social terrain, and the new big player in display advertising, Facebook, proving to be both a great source of targeting data and en effective environment for targeted advertising?

Contact: Jon Ronga MediaPost , 212.204.2021, jronga@mediapost.com

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