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Search & Performance Insider Summit

What do we mean by "intent" anyway? Surely it is signaled by more than a keyword query. Gleaning intent is about integration of data and channels to map the true complexity of the new customer journey. The search for growth, new prospects and a better understanding of customer journeys has moved marketers towards a new convergence. Search queries and data, online behaviors, audience segmentation, even content consumption and social media insights must work together so media buyers can map their performance against a complex path to purchase.

MediaPost's annual Winter Search and Performance Insider Summit comes at the new face of intent from multiple angles, from rethinking a keyword strategy to expanding attribution models, from exploring new performance and search platforms at Amazon and Pinterest to bidding against competitor brands and contending with cross channel tracking in a cookie-free world.

"Intent" is no longer the simple hand-raise signal we thought it was. At the Search and Performance Summit we take a holistic view of how the channels work together not only to drive performance but better understand your customers.

MediaPost's Search and Performance Insider Summit makes those connections across search and other performance media. We explore how Search is being integrated with increasingly accountable media in Social, Display, Email, and Video to drive sales.

We will explore how marketers are building customer profiles and data that are unified and work in real-time data to respond to consumer signals and journeys. How brand content and messaging consistency matter…from the first search result to encounters on social platforms, Web site experiences, native and content marketing, paid and organic media.

Search marketing has broken from its silo and is now helping to drive performance marketing metrics and expectations across all digital channels.

MediaPost's Search and Performance Summit connects those dots that capture the consumer journey.

Contact: MediaPost MediaPost , 2122042000, events@mediapost.com

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