July 8 - 9, 2020
Virtual Event

Stress-Testing the Email Channel: Learning From A Crisis

For 15 years, MediaPost has gathered the best and the brightest email marketing mavens to share their best practices, scope out the key trends, learn from one another. But never has the email channel been stress tested so thoroughly than in the last four months. The Summer 2020 edition shares the lessons learned from marketers pivoting their businesses and messaging needs to extraordinary circumstances as well as how they are pivoting to a new normal. What worked and what didn't? Adjusting to radically new circumstances pressed existing email content, personalization, CRM, sales and loyalty systems. Marketers from a range of brands will share the crisis shuffled best practices.

Moving forward, how are seasoned email directors already integrating the experience of the current crisis into future personalization and data strategies? How are they unwinding from the crisis from the crisis? What aspects of email messaging will return to normal and what changes for good?

The Summer EIS stays down to earth - focuses on how email marketers have become even more vital to building relationships with customers.

On the front end, where are brands sourcing their best data, tying IDs across channels, and vetting the tech that drives your best plans? And how is that smarter data fueling more creative audience segmenting, messaging, triggering? And do the new in-box tools like AMP, multimedia, interactivity really move the KPI needle?

The most beloved, longest-running meeting of the email minds focuses the Spring edition on practical examples of smarter tactics that will win the in--box awards of 2020.

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Conference Content Programmer:

Steve Smith, VP, Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost

Advisory Board:

Chester Bullock, Director, Marketing Technology, The RentPath Network

Email Insider Summit 2020 Attendees Include

Reasons and Benefits of Attending

  • Unparalleled access and knowledge sharing with the leading minds in the Industry
  • Morning Sessions – a marketers-only agenda of peers sharing with peers their best practices, case studies, and newest tactics which can all be applied to your marketing strategies
  • Noon Roundtables – open, off the record, discussions of the morning's topics and how they relate to marketers' own business and experience.
  • Afternoon Activities allow attendees to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings while forming relationships that last well beyond the conference
  • Cocktails and evening dinners bring the group together over casual conversations and delicious meals
  • Be part of driving the Email Channel forward as a key component of marketing campaigns, within your company and the industry
  • Unlimited access to stay in touch with the office: WiFi enabled conference room and quiet office area; opportunities in morning to stay up to date at the office; afternoon five hour break in order to stay on top of duties
  • Congenial, relaxed experience. Attendees are working together to move the industry forward
  • Enhance your Email initiatives with new solutions learned and partnerships gained

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Wednesday, 07/08

6:00 PM
Welcome Cocktail Reception

Thursday, 07/09

8:00 AM
Registration & Breakfast
8:30 AM
Sponsor Breakfast Presentation
Day 1 - Personalization: A Strategy, Not a Tactic

From grand brand strategy to everyday execution, we open the Spring EIS drilling into the next generation of approaches to going one-to-one with your customers. How well have one-to-one strategies served email marketers during the crisis?

9:00 AM
Opening Remarks
Steve Smith, VP, Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost 
9:15 AM
Joshua Margulies, Director of Integrated Brand Marketing, Jacksonville Jaguars 
9:45 AM
Panel: Notes For an Emergency

In the current crisis, mail went from being a central channel to customers to being the ONLY one. From communicating essential information about sales policy to safety, store closings to special offers, email had to carry an unprecedented load in recent months. What did we learn? About our own infrastructure? About the limits and possibilities about this channel? About our own customers? We ask our marketers to reflect on what they learned, and what has the COVID-19 crisis changed our approach to email for good?

10:15 AM
Coffee Break & Sponsor Spotlight
10:45 AM
Mary Bartlett, Manager, US CRM, McDonalds 
11:00 AM
Panel: Personalization Is a Strategy, Not a Tactic

One size does not fit all when it comes to personalization. Our panel of marketers discuss how they avoid being led by the tech and try to build genuine personalization strategies that map against marketing goals. What brand relationship or set of behaviors are you trying to shape? How does the in-box relate to the other personalized touch-points in the customer journey? How did the crisis impact these tactics. Was this a time to speak individually to customers or en masse?

Mary Bartlett, Manager, US CRM, McDonalds 
Adam Reynolds, Sr. Manager, Email & SMS Marketing, Sleep Number 
Linda Yu, Director-Outbound Marketing, Zillow 
11:30 AM
Case Study
11:45 AM

Personalization as a Strategy
Lessons from an Emergency
Managing Deliverability

12:45 PM
1:00 PM
Sponsor Luncheon Presentation
6:30 PM
Cocktail Party
7:30 PM
Dinner Reception
9:00 PM

Friday, 07/10

8:00 AM
Registration & Breakfast
Day 2 - It's All About Execution

Day 2 of EIS drills into the messaging toolbox to see what is working, from interactivity to testing, dynamic creative to timing and cadence, marketers from a range of brands share their best practices, hard lessons learned.

9:00 AM
Keynote: Personalization on the Fast Track
In five months, direct-to-consumer brand Brooklinen went from a batch-and-blast email program to personalized messaging. How did they get there so quickly, and what did they learn – about moving from blasting to segmentation, segmentation to personalization? What are the pitfalls and pain points? Allie Donovan walks us through how to go from zero to sixty in one-to-one marketing…and not lose sleep over it.
Allie Donovan, Director of Email and Retention, Brooklinen 
9:30 AM
Panel: Messaging the Crisis: Rethinking Content

The COVID-19 crisis forced all marketers to pivot their messaging sharply and quickly. For most brands, the usual sales pitch felt inappropriate, The email channel became critical to effecting the right tone, voice and information. How did brands meet the content challenge? What messaging is resonating best with customers now, and how does messaging unwind from crisis mode to a new normal?

10:00 AM
Co-Presentation: How We Test
Chester Bullock, Director, Marketing Technology, The RentPath Network 
10:15 AM
Coffee Break & Sponsor Spotlight
10:45 AM
Case Study: Policy Genius and RedFin Co-presentation

Every marketing team has its own culture and approach to testing its email. Let's learn from each other. We invite two EIS guests to compare and contrast their styles of email testing. When and how are they choosing to test? With what variables and against what segments? Are tests being led by marketing goals or by the technology at hand? And how do different teams and brands set themselves up for success - to make the most of the exercise and emerge with multiple learnings?

Jessica Owen, Associate Director, CRM, Policy Genius 
Katie Raynolds, Marketing Channel Manager, Redfin 
11:15 AM
Panel: Little Wins, Big Lessons: That Share Your Successes Panel

We flip the script on EIS's traditional favorite - the Share Your Screw-Ups panel. This time we ask several of our email mavens to share their successes, especially the little wins in their email program that have rendered some of the biggest dividends and valuable lessons. What worked lately - in segmentation, in data handling, in tweaking deliverability, in messaging? Let's find the golden nuggets of insight and learn from our own successes.

12:00 PM

Content and the Crisis
Testing Tactics
Success Story Singalong

1:00 PM
1:10 PM
Sponsor Luncheon Presentation
6:30 PM
Cocktail Party
7:30 PM
Dinner Reception

Saturday, 07/11

8:00 AM
Registration & Breakfast
Day 3 - Outside the In-Box

We cap Spring EIS by exploring message strategy and tactics across multiple channels - from the in0box to apps, SMS to social.

8:45 AM
9:15 AM
Panel: Outside the In-Box: Mapping A Cross-Channel Messaging Strategy

While email remains the surest, most welcome point of contact with your customers, mobile and social messaging, apps, chat and more must be part of any one to one strategy. During the COVID-19 crisis especially, brands needed to coordinate and integrate their channels to ensure consistent messaging. Very few brands have mastered this multi-point messaging opportunity, but we ask several aspiring 360-degree messengers to show how they are walking before learning to run. Where do you get started?

9:45 AM
Sponsor Spotlight and Break
10:15 AM
Case Study in Mobile Messaging
10:30 AM
Panel: Email 2021: Trend-Spotting Singalong

Oh, the pitches, the promises, the predictions. Email managers field relentless bright shiny objects - tools, tricks and trends from every direction. We end Spring EIS asking several of our guest marketers to lead attendees in sharing their ideas for what will be hot, not-so-hot, over-hyped and overlooked in the messaging world in the coming year.

11:00 AM

Cross-channel Messaging
Bright Shiny Object Hunting

11:30 AM
Conference Concludes

Featured Speakers

Chester Bullock

The RentPath Network
Director, Marketing Technology

Allie Donovan

Director of Email and Retention

Angela Ko

Associate Director, CRM & Retention

Jessica Owen

Policy Genius
Associate Director, CRM

Katie Raynolds

Marketing Channel Manager

Linda Yu

Director-Outbound Marketing

Mary Bartlett

Manager, US CRM

Joshua Margulies

Jacksonville Jaguars
Director of Integrated Brand Marketing

Adam Reynolds

Sleep Number
Sr. Manager, Email & SMS Marketing

Steve Smith

VP, Editorial Director, Events

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