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Previous Event Agenda
Email Insider Summit: Dec 2018

4:30 PM EIS Awards EIS Awards - 2018
6:00 PM Welcome Cocktail Reception Fluent - New 2016 Logo
7:00 AM Day 1: Engagement Is The New Conversion

We open EIS looking beyond near-term metrics and towards email's hidden strength to engage customers deeper and longer. How are marketers battling widespread attention deficit, let alone dropping read and rising unsub rates? We explore cases involving brands that have fully integrated email into multitouch strategies. And in our signature "screw-ups" panel we share the mistakes from which email gurus have learned most.

8:00 AM Registration & Breakfast
8:15 AM Sponsor Breakfast Presentation MessageGears

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9:00 AM Opening Remarks
Steve Smith , VP, Editorial Director, Events ,MediaPost
9:15 AM Keynote: Caring for Customers Personally Through Email

“Knowing your customer” is not just a marketing cliché but a mission first defined by Chick-fil-A’s founder and CEO decades ago. But the brand’s batch-and-blast email approach was falling short of that promise. Emily Randall shows how Chick-fil-A quickly built a model that balances scale with personalized connections to customers and works at both a national and local retail level. From database reorganization to an ESP change, reimagined design to empowering local operators as email publishers, the brand’s email finally activates the founder’s brand promise.

Emily Randall , Interactive Digital Media ,Chick-fil-A
9:45 AM Panel: Engaging the Disengagement Battle

Read rates appear to be declining. Machine learning seems to be driving more of your drops into spam folders. Email clients are giving users easier ways to unsubscribe, Keeping customers engaged has never been harder and more critical. Marketers who have fought back the disengagement challenge share how they are analyzing reader behaviors and crafting engagement strategies for maintaining the base.

Tara Clark , Senior Director, Lifecycle Marketing ,Zillow Group
Vanessa Boutwell , Director of Consumer Engagement Marketing ,Logitech
Megan Crilly , Specialist, Email Marketing ,TransUnion
Liam Savage , Customer Marketing Specialist ,Virgin Holidays
10:30 AM Coffee Break & Sponsor Spotlight Phrasee 2018 - with tagline
11:00 AM Presentation: Leveraging What You Already Have

Every year we get an update on how the latest and greatest tech can change our email program. Dynamic content populated on the time of arrival. AI-driven testing for subject lines. Finally, a tool that can send the right message at the right time. In this talk, I’m going to tell you about some program enhancements that can have material impacts to your business that (hopefully) won’t require an integration.

Brian Schmidt , Director of CRM, Growth & Retention ,Fender Musical Instruments
11:30 AM Panel: No, Wait!: Our Messaging Screw-Ups and What We Learned

An EIS tradition - the baring of the souls. Several of our messaging gurus share their most embarrassing but valuable mishaps. We explore not only where and how good intentions went wrong, but what marketers learned from them. What weakness did this faux pas reveal? And most importantly, what did they do to ensure it wouldn’t happen again?

Susan Scales , Social Media Consultant ,Humana
Stephanie Johnson , Email Marketing Coordinator ,The Biltmore Company
John McMahon , Group Marketing Manager ,Intuit
Julie Witsken , Director of Email Marketing ,AARP
12:00 PM Roundtables

Re-Engagement Strategies and Tactics - Craig Swerdloff, Co-Founder/President, Traverse
Acquisition Tactics - Lilia Arsenault, Group Account Director, Epsilon
Our Most Valuable Screw-Ups - Julie Witsken, Director of Email Marketing, AARP
Customer-Centric - Emily Randall, Interactive Digital Media, Chick-fil-A

12:45 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Sponsor Luncheon Presentation Salesforce Marketing Cloud - 2017

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2:00 PM Afternoon Activities
4:00 PM Apres Ski Party Adobe - 2017

Near the main Stein bar.

5:30 PM One on One Meetings
6:30 PM Cocktail Party Movable Ink
7:30 PM Fireside Dinner @ Empire Canyon Lodge Persado

10 minute ride from Steins.  Buses leave at 7:30pm sharp!

9:30 PM After-Party (& High West Bourbon Tasting) Validity - 2018WhatCounts - UPDATED 2018
7:00 AM Day 2 Sessions: Executing on One-to-One Tactics

It's all about execution. Day 2 of EIS focuses on best practices and cases. How are the emerging direct-to-consumer brands leading the way to next-gen personalization? How do you get aggressive in your acquisition tactics without losing deliverability? And how do you even spec out and recruit the tech stack you need with a smarter RFP?

8:00 AM Registration & Breakfast
8:15 AM Sponsor Breakfast Presentation Yes Marketing

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9:00 AM Keynote: The Marketer’s Crawl, Walk, Run Journey to Personalization

Achieving a personalized experience for your customers is not an initiative that can be rolled out overnight. Learn how JustFab approached their testing journey and 5 key tips for personalization from their VP of Marketing & CRM, Monica Deretich.

Monica Deretich , Vice President of Marketing & CRM ,JustFab
9:30 AM Panel: The New Personalization: Learning From the DTC Mavericks

Deep personalization reaches far beyond the custom subject line and "Dear XXXX." A new generation of direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands are showing how true one-to-one leverages data and messaging seamlessly across touchpoint to understand a customer's personal shopping journey, relationship to the brand, and future needs. We ask some of the most innovative emerging brands to share how they are using messaging to drive performance and build brand all at once.

Narasu Rebbapragada , Associate Director, Digital Marketing Capabilities & Innovation ,The Clorox Company
Lucy Chen , Lifecycle Marketing Manager ,Autolist Inc
Scott Cohen , CRM Marketing Manager ,1800-Contacts
Lynn Luong , Senior Manager, Digital Marketing ,AVON
Wayne Miller , Growth Marketing Lead ,Uber
10:15 AM Coffee Break & Sponsor Spotlight Selligent - 2018
10:45 AM Panel: Building an RFP...The Right Way

The pain of integrating a new ESP is legendary. The best start, however, is a solid RFP that clarifies for brand and vendor the needs and goals of the project. Marketers who have successfully navigated this experience recently share their lessons learned, their checklists, their regrets. How did they poll and reconcile internal stakeholders? Understand their database need? Work with IT, product development and engineering? Define goals and feature sets?

Nina Lentini , Editor, Events and Research ,MediaPost
Kayla Beck , Senior Manager, Email Delivery and Quality Control ,SouthWest Airlines
Allie Donovan , Director of CRM & Retention ,Boxed
Lexi Sigesmund , Senior Manager, Digital and Content Strategy ,Chobani
11:30 AM Presentation: Managing Welcome Email Deliverability at Scale

Continually growing email leads at the top of the funnel is extremely important for conversion, but having leads is meaningless if emails are not reaching their inbox. See how Sleep Number is tackling deliverability as it exponentially grows its lead database.

Lisa Erickson , Sr. Director CRM ,Sleep Number
Adam Reynolds , Sr. Manager, Email & SMS Marketing ,Sleep Number
12:00 PM Roundtables

Personalization 3.0 - Scott Cohen, CRM Marketing Manager, 1800-Contacts
Building the Better RFP - Chris Marriott, President Marketing Democracy, LLC
A/B Testing - Kait Creamer, Manager, Digital Marketing, MakeMusic
Overcoming Deliverability Woes - Kurt Diver, Manager of Delivery Consulting Services, SendGrid

12:45 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Sponsor Luncheon Presentation eDataSource - 2017

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2:00 PM Afternoon Activities
4:00 PM Apres Ski Party Adestra

Located next to ski locker room, slope-side.

6:30 PM Cocktail Party LiveClicker - 2018

Located down the hill from back of Steins at Silver Lake Lodge.

7:30 PM Dinner Reception Epsilon
9:30 PM After-Party Oracle Marketing Cloud - 2018 PNG
7:00 AM Day 3: The Better Customer Experience

Email is not an island. We cap this Winter's EIS with email's role in building and guarding the overall customer experience. How are brands learning to use the latest advanced tech to become better marketers, not just targeters? How do you ensure that email is a more seamless and complementary part of consistent multitouch approach to consumer relationships?

8:00 AM Registration & Breakfast
8:15 AM Sponsor Breakfast Presentation Oracle Marketing Cloud - 2018 PNG

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8:45 AM Keynote Interview: Holding a Mirror Up To Customer Action

Sometimes the most impactful brand content for a customer is about themselves. American Express’ Brian Coleman shows us how one of their most successful email programs involves sharing the customer’s own behavioral data around their spending patterns back to them. From best practices around visualizing data, measuring and optimizing for performance, and course correcting for missteps, we explore how a user’s own data may be their favorite content.

Brian Coleman , Vice President, Small Business Customer Loyalty Marketing ,American Express
Steve Smith , VP, Editorial Director, Events ,MediaPost
9:15 AM Panel: Are the Robots Really Helping Us Be Better Marketers?

As most email marketers continue to move away from batch and blast and towards target and trigger, waves of new data layers and automation tech pile in. The promise of higher tech always has been better performance, but it also claims to free teams up from mundane tasks to focus on higher level strategy. Is it so? We ask several brands to reflect on how they are managing (or being managed by) automation. Has it just added a new task set? Did the new tech come as advertised or get used in unanticipated ways? Is it helping them achieve higher level marketing goals? And what have we learned about making automation work for rather than us work for it?

Kait Creamer , Manager, Digital Marketing ,MakeMusic
Morgan Chemij , Director II: Marketing & CRM, Americas ,
Neil Gogate , Senior Manager, CRM and Acquisition Marketing ,Mattel
Luke Kintigh , Head Of Publishing ,Intel
9:45 AM Coffee Break & Sponsor Spotlight ERGO Interactive - 2018
10:15 AM Presentation: Building the Multi-Touch Experience

Email is just one important touchpoint in a complex customer journey across channels and beyond the usual marketing silos. Scotts strives to create a more coherent customer experience by connecting the dots of cross-channel behaviors that convert. We explore how the brand is orchestrating site and email activity, direct mail and call centers to weave more seamless experiences, grow brand and optimize conversions.

Amanda Scarnechia , Manager, CRM and Consumer Data ,The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company
10:45 AM Roundtables

Better Tech, Better Marketers? -Kait Creamer, Manager, Digital Marketing, MakeMusic
Customer Experience Across Channels - Amanda Scarnechia, Manager, CRM and Consumer Data, The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company
Is Multimedia Email Working? - Holly Gross, Senior Manager, CRM, Whole Foods

11:15 AM Conference Concludes

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