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Previous Event Agenda
Email Insider Summit: May 2017

6:30 PM Welcome Cocktail Reception Fluent - New 2016 Logo
7:30 AM Day 1: Customer-First Messaging

It's not about the campaign but the customer. We open EIS at the nexus of new technology and marketing trends by exploring what a customer-first approach means to a range of brands, how companies are building and using identity graphs and how they are combining the latest tools and messaging to enhance engagement.

8:00 AM Breakfast
8:15 AM Sponsor Breakfast Presentation Selligent

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9:00 AM Opening Remarks
Steve Smith , Editorial Director, Events ,MediaPost
9:15 AM Keynote: Email 2.0: From Campaign To Real-Time Experience

Rapid technology and data innovation has accelerated Electronic Arts’ marketing transformation vision. We’ve reached an inflection point where our games, service and marketing efforts need to converge into one responsive, seamless player experience. Our player dialogue is driven by individual data attributes, not segments or cohorts.  Building authentic player relationships requires EA to completely adopt a behaviorally-driven strategy, not promotional campaigns.

Stephanie Sczech , Global Director of Lifecycle Marketing ,Electronic Arts
9:45 AM Customer-First Marketing And The Rise of The Identity Graph

One marketing survey shows that consumers are 269% more likely to be satisfied with a company if they feel the brand puts the customer's interests and needs before those of the company. In the last year, the "Identity Graph" has arisen to go beyond cross-device tracking and build richer profiles that help brands build people-based approaches. We ask the early practitioners to discuss how this model drives customer-first marketing.

Katie Lay , Sr. Director, Customer Engagement Marketing ,Hotwire
George DiGuido , Head of Email Strategy ,Dotdash
Christine Hua , Director, Fan Centric Marketing ,NFL
Janine Silva , Director, Email & Integrated Marketing ,Investopedia
Randy White , Vice President, Media Services ,
10:30 AM Coffee Break & Sponsor Spotlight MessageGears

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11:00 AM Workshop: Who Should I Send An Email To Today?

What if every morning, your email system woke up and asked the question “who” is eligible for an email, today? Then you decided what to send that user? Classmates' Libby Snead explains how the company implemented this approach of starting with the "who" through simple segmentation and then determine the "what" in relevant campaigns. Then Libby and fellow marketer Marlies Robert explore how this approach might apply to Grand Circle Travel's messaging program as it evolves to its next stage of personalization.

Steve Smith , Editorial Director, Events ,MediaPost
Marlies Roberts , Vice President, Marketing Operations ,Grand Circle Travel
Libby Snead , Manager, Email Programs ,PeopleConnect
11:30 AM Solving for Engagement: Do New Toys Really Improve In-Box Storytelling?

After segmentation, targeting and masses of automation, engagement still comes down to capturing attention and interest in a second. The toolbox is expanding - to video, kinetic/interactive messaging, embedded audio, sharing tools. But how do these bright shiny objects of email map against your audience, marketing goals, workflow, timing and effectiveness? Our panel of adventurous in-box storytellers shares what gets people to engage, not just read.

Jess Nelson , Reporter, Email Marketing Daily ,MediaPost
Lauren Gentile , VP, Executive Creative Director ,Epsilon
Andrew Norris , Senior Communications Strategist ,WebMD
12:00 PM Roundtables

Mastering the ID Graph - Katie Lay, Sr. Director, Customer Engagement Marketing, Hotwire
Customer-First Messaging - Libby Snead, Manager, Email Programs, PeopleConnect
Do the New Toys of Email Storytelling Work? - Bridgette Darling, Product Marketing Manager, Adobe

Expanding Your Email List - Jordan Cohen, Chief Marketing Officer, Fluent 

1:00 PM Lunch
1:10 PM Sponsor Luncheon Presentation Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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2:00 PM Afternoon Activities
5:30 PM One on One Meetings
6:30 PM Cocktail Party Movable Ink
7:30 PM Dinner Reception Return Path
7:30 AM Day 2: Taming the New Machine

Tech, tools, toys often drive the hype around direct marketing and email, but how do marketers aim them towards goals not the gadgets themselves? On day 2 of EIS we focus on choosing and making the best use of data, infrastructure, tech. How does it improve customer acquisition? Can AI make brands more personable? How are marketers making best use of dynamic content?

8:00 AM Breakfast
8:15 AM Sponsor Breakfast Presentation yesmail

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8:45 AM Keynote: Why We Automate: Observations from billions of customer interactions

From machine learning to natural language processing to artificial intelligence, brands can invest in an open space of technologies and scale marketing efforts like never before. Yet while automation enables marketers to move faster, think bigger, and dive deeper, we should take a moment to remember the why and the who. Vicky Ge shares her observations on innovations in automation, marketing at scale, and the human on the other side of the inbox.

Vicky Ge , Sr. Product Manager, Global Marketing Automation ,Amazon
9:15 AM Discussion: Taming The Robots: Goal-Oriented Automation

Advances in AI and machine learning are driving automation ever higher up the workflow. A variety of triggers are now activating cascades of interactions with consumers far outside a marketer's direct view. How are marketers managing this trade-off between streamlining and control? How can they aim, optimize and measure automated systems so that they serve defined marketing goals beyond mere efficiency for its own sake?

Elaine Armbruster , Director of Email Marketing and Marketing Automation ,The Ohio State University
Matt Byrd , Director of Product Marketing ,PolicyGenius
John Kavaliauskas , Director, Customer Acquisition & Marketing Technology ,People's Trust Insurance
Anthony Siciliano , CRM Production Manager ,Thrifty
9:45 AM Case Study in Creative Acquisition: New DM Meets Old DM

When an 83-year-old direct marketing company serving 120 million households starts firing on all digital cylinders, there are a lot of legacy databases, media channels and customer relationships to unify. Silver Star Brands is the pioneer in customized cards and merchandise (Miles Kimball, Walter Drake catalogs), and their VP of Marketing will explore how she is tracking the impact of email across both online and offline marketing programs – from catalog and e-commerce activity to display advertising and search. How is one of the newest forms of marketing personalization – the in-box – driving omnichannel performance for one of the inventors of personalized anything.

Ian MacDonald , Director & General Manager ,Walter Drake
10:15 AM Coffee Break & Sponsor Spotlight Cordial - 2017

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10:45 AM Discussion: New Adventures in Acquisition: Top Tactics In A Walled Garden World

As the Internet consolidates around a handful of walled gardens with the best cross-channel data, costs of customer acquisitiion increase. Email marketers, always central to customer acquisition, are being tasked to find more efficient, more creative ways to broaden the base. We ask leaders in the messaging space to share their best new tactics, channels, and data sources in the battle for user identity.

Angela Sanchez , Vice President of CRM ,Universal Music Group
Alex Reffsin , Manager, Fan Centric Marketing ,NFL
Jessica Vogel , Director, Digital and Product Marketing ,Sears
11:15 AM Panel: Solving for Relevance With Real-Time Content

The next level of personalized email goes far beyond triggered messaging and "insert name here" messaging. Dynamic and live email messages build highly individualized content based on user data, behaviors, need states and even the real-time circumstances of the user or pricing, availability, etc. We ask successful dynamic content makreters to share best practices for making this tool a tactic in personalization rather than a gimmick.

Elizabeth Tomlinson , Email Marketing Manager ,IHG
Matthew Nedbalsky , Manager of Email Marketing ,1800Flowers
Bethany Wallace , Email and Mobile Marketing Manager ,Shoe Carnival
11:45 AM ISP Deliverability Workshop: Ask the Gatekeepers

As our in-boxes now stretch across Web, desktop and mobile channels, contending with ingenious bad actors, getting legitimate marketing messages through to customers is as complex as ever. In a unique session the Email Insider Summit welcomes the gatekeeper at one of the world’s largest ISPs and a marketer with unique deliverability challenges to discuss the current challenges they face and to field questions from our Summit Insiders.

Jess Nelson , Reporter, Email Marketing Daily ,MediaPost
Matthew Moleski , Vice President, Service Policy Assurance ,Comcast
Mark Tatalovic , VP, Email Delivery & Planning ,Ashley Madison
12:15 PM Roundtables

New Acquisition Tactics - Chris Marriott, President & Founder, Marketing Democracy
Ask the ISPsDennis Dayman, Chief Privacy and Security Officer, Return Path
Increasing Relevance With Dynamic Content - Elizabeth Tomlinson, Email Marketing Manager, IHG
What You Need To Know About AI and EmailBlake Miller Director, Product Marketing, Salesforce; Matt Byrd, Director of Product Marketing, PolicyGenius

1:00 PM Lunch
1:10 PM Sponsor Luncheon Presentation eDataSource - 2017

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2:00 PM Afternoon Activities
6:30 PM Cocktail Party Adobe
7:30 PM Dinner Reception Epsilon
7:30 AM Day 3: Back To Basics

We round out EIS with blocking and tackling - solving for some of the perennial basic challenges of email marketers - deliverability and staffing

8:00 AM Breakfast
8:15 AM Sponsor Breakfast Presentation Emarsys

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8:45 AM Keynote: One Truth to Rule Them All

With its unique and multi-purpose chain of used auto parts superstores, Pull-A-Part has a tough in-box challenge. On one hand, they have to explain their distinct self-service “junkyard” model. At the same time the company is buying and selling autos to other constituencies. Their VP of marketing walks us through how they’re building a unified point of truth for these overlapping audiences that can also segment and serve them the individualized stories and products they need.

Laura Berkobin , Marketing ,Pull-A-Part
9:15 AM Panel: What Are The First, Second And Third Steps To Scaling First-Person Messaging?

Only a small number of marketers have brought customer-first marketing approaches to scale. What are the first, second and third steps for any brand aspiring to get beyond segmentation and using customer preferences, third party data and advanced technology to deploy real first-person marketing at scale? We ask marketers and their agencies at different stages of development to share practical advice on how to start and evolve such a plan.

Ross Fadner , Director, Event Programming ,MediaPost
Micah Fening , Brand Manager ,Scotts Miracle-Gro
Amy Jordan , Email Marketing Director ,Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group
Matt Kassan , Director of CRM Marketing ,Barnes and Noble
Ryan Phelan , VP, Marketing Insights ,Adestra; Chairman Emeritus, EEC
9:45 AM Coffee Break & Sponsor Spotlight CertainSource - 2017
10:00 AM Presentation: Moving Targets: Personalizing for Travelers’ Context

For travel leader Expedia, email communications are time and mission critical messages that need to understand exactly where a traveler is in her journey. Product Manager, Omnichannel Communications Madelynn Brown explores how leverages contextual personalization. Expedia is working towards automating and operationalizing massive amounts of data to ensure customers are getting relevant content at the right time. She will discuss the segmentation they use to target these messages and their use of internal propensity models and customer profiles to derive signals.

Madelynn Brown , Product Manager, Omnichannel Communications ,Expedia
10:30 AM Discussion: Roundtable Redux

Some of the finest insights at the Email Insider Summit emerge from our signature end-of-morning roundtables. We end EIS with reports and reflections from some of our Roundtable leaders and attendees on what was discussed offstage over the past three days and the most pressing challenges facing email leaders moving forward.

Steve Smith , Editorial Director, Events ,MediaPost
Dennis Dayman , Chief Privacy and Security Officer ,Return Path
Blake Miller , Director, Product Marketing ,Salesforce
Andrew Norris , Senior Communications Strategist ,WebMD
11:00 AM Roundtables

Getting Started With Customer-First Approaches - Ryan Phelan, VP, Marketing Insights, Adestra
Next-Gen Messaging: Email to SMS to Alerts to Chat - Kim Jennett, Sr. Marketing Strategist, Yes Lifecycle Marketing
The New Personalization - Madelynn Brown, Product Manager, Omnichannel Communications, Expedia

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