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MediaPost Summits feature mornings that include Keynotes, Case Studies, and Panels that feature the top minds in the industry. The afternoons are a selection of activities that allow for the attendees it network over exciting outings. The evenings bring the group back together for cocktails and unforgettable dinner experiences. The most up to date theme of the conference can be found on the homepage of the event.

Please check back for Agenda updates. Meanwhile please take a look at the content from the previous Summit.

Previous Event Agenda
Email Insider Summit: Dec 2017

6:00 PM Welcome Cocktail Reception Fluent - New 2016 Logo
8:00 AM Registration & Breakfast
8:15 AM Sponsor Breakfast Presentation Selligent

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8:30 AM Day 1: Strategy

Increasingly at the center of people-based marketing, email IDs and tactics must be integrated into a brand's larger data plans. We open the Email Insider Summit with marketers sharing how messaging integrates with building a "single point of truth" for the customer base. We also explore how email is linking into other data sources to drive acquisition strategies, as well as what personalization approaches in an era of countless touch points.

9:00 AM Opening Remarks
Steve Smith , VP, Editorial Director, Events ,MediaPost
9:15 AM Keynote: Tell Me What You Want: Creating a Meaningful Conversation with Your Customers

Bridging customer needs with business objectives can be difficult. Departments and channels work, and are rewarded, within a vacuum. Customers are easily forgotten when times get tough. This negative behavior can be overcome with relevant data and the desire to create meaningful relationships with your customers. Let’s discuss the approach, methodology along with examples from retailers aspiring to create dialogue with customers.

Andrea Grant , Director of Digital Marketing ,Cabela's
9:45 AM Panel: Email and The Single Point of Truth

People-based marketing is the hot marketing topic of 2018, but email was the original addressable media. In a range of product categories we explore how email IDs and data are being integrated into cross-channel customer data profiles. How are marketers building profiles that drive business goals rather than distract with irrelevant data? How are companies eroding those old silos to build this so-called "Single point of truth?" and who will control the data trove?

Morgan Stewart , Co-founder and CEO ,Trendline Interactive
Carrie Knipfer , Senior Email Marketing Manager ,Avery Products
Sam Shannon , Senior Manager CRM ,HP
Bart Thornburg , Director of Email Marketing ,Total Wine & More
10:30 AM Coffee Break & Sponsor Spotlight MessageGears
11:00 AM Presentation/Case: Optimizing For The Customer Journey

Email marketers are constantly under pressure to optimize the experience for each subscriber, yet are often constrained with things such as resources, data, integrations, managing frequency without losing revenue, and an ever-changing customer journey. Balancing these competing interests frustrates and often confuses even the best marketing departments. We explore how AARP navigates these competing priorities by keeping the customer journey front and center.

Julie Witsken , Director of Email Marketing ,AARP
11:30 AM Panel: Acquisition 2018: Vetting the Vendors

But where is the next good lead coming from, and how are marketers distinguishing among the many data and platform providers to locate the lead gen and customer acquisition? We ask two marketers to quiz vendors on how their solutions to the great customer acquisition problem map against their own brands' needs, hope to integrate with internal systems, and even differentiate themselves from one another. 


Hayley Squire , Email Marketing Manager ,Domino Media Group
Shilpi Talwar , Marketing Director ,Derive Systems
Sujay Jhaveri , CEO ,Flatiron Media
Jonah Lovens , Vice President, Strategic Partnerships ,Fluent
Chris Marriott , President ,Marketing Democracy
12:15 PM Roundtables

Building the Single Point of Truth - Sam Shannon, Senior Manager CRM, HP
New Paths to Personalization
- Julie Witsken, Director of Email Marketing, AARP
Acquisition and The New Data Marketplace - Shilpi Talwar, Marketing Director, Derive Systems
How Does GDPR Impact You? - Morgan Stewart, Co-founder and CEO, Trendline Interactive
Solving for Deliverability - Dennis Dayman, Chief Privacy Officer, Return Path

1:00 PM Lunch
1:10 PM Sponsor Luncheon Presentation Salesforce Marketing Cloud - 2017

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2:00 PM Afternoon Activities
4:00 PM Apres Ski Party Adobe - 2017
5:30 PM One on One Meetings
6:30 PM Cocktail Party Movable Ink
7:30 PM Fireside Dinner at Empire Canyon Lodge, Deer Valley Resort Persado
9:00 PM After-Party BriteVerify - 2017
8:00 AM Registration & Breakfast
8:15 AM Sponsor Breakfast Presentation yesmail

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8:30 AM Day 2: Tactics: Solving for Conversion

What's working? In re-engaging lapsed customers? In making smartest use of the new tools in dynamic and multimedia messaging? And how do email marketers fail successfully, quickly, and learn new lessons? On Day 2 of EIS we go tactical and share the gritty details.

8:45 AM Keynote: Making Personalization And Interactivity A Match

For many years, digital dating pioneer has been creating personalized email experiences for millions of members. Jessica will share some of the brand’s key learnings about one-to-one messaging. is also leaning forward towards bringing the highly interactive online experience into the inbox. The next generation of personalization will build campaigns that target a specific set of activities for users. We will explore how personalization and interactivity no longer run on parallel paths but are a complementary (dare we say) match.

Jessica Johnson , Senior Product Manager ,
9:15 AM Panel: Re-engaging the Quiet Customer

The lapsed subscriber, the dormant customer, the quiet reader of your emails who hasn't clicked in ages - these are all sleeping prospects just waiting for the right wake-up call. What is driving successful re-engagement programs - messaging, personalized appeals, discounting? And how are marketers making smarter use of smarter data trails to determine winning tactics? Can re-engagement be a strategy now?

Sian Desmond , Global Email Marketing Manager ,InterContinental Hotels Group
Chloe Dutschke , CRM and Content Marketing Manager ,Shoes of Prey
Sharon Foster , Director, CRM, Consumer Interactive ,TransUnion
Scott Keyes , Founder/CEO ,Scotts Cheap Flights
9:45 AM Interview: 1+1=3? Doing the Math on Social and Email

As one-to-one messaging breaks out of the in-box and into multiple social and messaging platforms, customers have a range of options and preferences for how they hear directly from a brand. Travelzoo's Justin Soffer explores with us how he is doing the social media ROI math to make the email and social add up to more than each alone. Can social actually boost email engagement, and can the paid channels on social prove cost effective? How should marketers leverage lead gen from these alternative messaging channels and ultimately value and convert these leads?

Justin Soffer , VP of Marketing ,Travelzoo
Steve Smith , VP, Editorial Director, Events ,MediaPost
10:15 AM Coffee Break & Sponsor Spotlight Cordial - 2017
10:45 AM Presentation: Test to Learn

Smart testing is all about taking calculated risks that are designed from the start to render insights, whether they succeed or fail. Kristin and Amanda share their regimen for determining what to test and risk, getting management buy-in, testing into success, trying concepts and not just content, and tracking results over time.

Kristin Bond , Senior Email Marketing Manager ,Girl Scouts of the USA
Amanda Soehnlen , Senior Digital Strategist ,Highmark Health
11:15 AM Failing Successfully: Lessons From Our Greatest Screw-Ups

Fail fast, but fail well. Sometimes the best lessons come from the biggest crash and burns. We ask our panel of marketing vets to fess up. Where did they learn most from failure? How do you explain these oopsies internally? More importantly, however, we ask how they implemented the lesson to improve the process. 

Libby Snead , Senior Email Marketing Manager ,Avvo
Richard Mastriani , Director- Digital Marketing ,AmTrust Financial
Brian Mathus , Director of Digital Marketing ,Edward Jones
Jamie Plankenhorn , Senior Manager, Email Marketing ,Zillow
12:00 PM Roundtables

Re-Engagement Tactics - Sian Desmond, Global Email Marketing Manager, InterContinental Hotels Group
Mastering Email Interactivity - Ryan Phelan, VP, Marketing Adestra 
Failing Upward - Richard Mastriani, Director- Digital Marketing, AmTrust Financial
Attribution - Dela Quist, CEO Alchemy, Worx 

1:00 PM Lunch
1:10 PM Sponsor Luncheon Presentation eDataSource - 2017

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2:00 PM Afternoon Activities
4:00 PM Apres Ski Party Adestra
6:30 PM Cocktail Party SendGrid - 2017
7:30 PM Dinner at Silver Lake Lodge Epsilon
9:00 PM After-Party Cheetah Digital - updated 2017Liveclicker - 2017

Join Cheetah Digital + Liveclicker after dinner on Tuesday night as we check out this year’s ski competition highlight video and announce our big winners!

8:00 AM Registration & Breakfast
8:15 AM Sponsor Breakfast Presentation Emarsys

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8:45 AM Day 3: The Way Forward

Looking towards 2018, marketers will be looking to build the tech stacks, assess levels of automation and determine how email evolves into messaging outside of the inbox. We round out the Winter EIS leaning forward into the tech that will shape 2018.

8:45 AM Keynote: Building Data Platforms For Next Generation Email

One of the largest online retailers,, is building for the next iterations of cross-channel marketing on a foundation of data. Brent will unpack the new acronyms -  from customer data platforms (CDPs) to asset data platforms (ADPs) to product data platforms (PDPs). How will they interconnect with the various channels to drive new efficiencies and effectiveness? And how will email evolve and improve as a result?

Brent Christensen , Director Of Database Marketing ,
9:15 AM Presentation: AI - From Email to Point of Sale and Back Again
Anna Bowles , Growth & Retention ,Square
9:30 AM AI and You: Decoding the Hype - Where to Start

Email automation and message triggering have always relied in some measure on AI, but what is so different about the new capabilities being touted by the current wave of AI hype? We ask our panel of marketers experienced with various levels of email AI to advise on how to start incrementally. Where can machine learning tech and techniques be applied first to personalized drop timings, product recommendations, customer analytics? How should marketers be assessing the new tech offerings and how they integrate with their own stack? Let’s be intelligent about implementing AI.

Kevin Kao , Sr. Manager, Email Marketing ,New York Times
Anna Bowles , Growth & Retention ,Square
Anitra Fenderson , Senior Managing Creative Director ,Capital One
Allison Kelly , Director of Channel Growth and Development ,Cordial
10:00 AM Coffee Break & Sponsor Spotlight CertainSource - 2017
10:15 AM Presentation: The Message Is The Message

After all of the technology, segmentation, and in-box interactive razzle-dazzle, if a brand doesn't have a compelling story to tell about itself, your email is not serving the long term interests of the company or the customer. Two true believers int he value of great in-box content discuss how they keep their programs on message.

Josie Fox , Content Manager ,Tito's Handmade Vodka
Danielle Brownlee , Relationship Marketing Associate ,Land O'Lakes
Lindsay Connolly , Senior Marketing Manager, Digital & Ecommerce ,Gap/Athleta
10:45 AM Roundtable Roundup

We end Winter EIS reflecting on the major themes of the three days, the major concerns raised in Roundtable discussions and the agenda for EIS 2018.

Dennis Dayman , Chief Privacy Officer ,Return Path
Morgan Stewart , Co-founder and CEO ,Trendline Interactive
11:00 AM Roundtables

AI And You - Anitra Fenderson, Senior Managing Creative Director, Capital One
Content Needs A Strategy, Too - Josie Fox, Content Marketing Manager, Tito's Vodka
Unified Messaging
- Bridgette Darling, Product Marketing Manager, Adobe

11:30 AM Conference Concludes

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