Emily Randall

Chick-fil-A Interactive Digital Media

Emily has worked with Chick-fil-A for 3.5 years, with a focus on digital and social communications efforts. As part of this work, Emily oversees the email program, through which Chick-fil-A communicates regularly with members of the company’s loyalty program, Chick-fil-A One. Prior to her time at Chick-fil-A, she worked at various advertising agencies around Atlanta, GA, with a focus on digital.

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Keynote: Caring for Customers Personally Through Email
Date/Time: 9:15 AM
“Knowing your customer” is not just a marketing cliché but a mission first defined by Chick-fil-A’s founder and CEO decades ago. But the brand’s batch-and-blast email approach was falling short of that promise. Emily Randall shows how Chick-fil-A quickly built a model that balances scale with personalized connections to customers and works at both a national and local retail level. From database reorganization to an ESP change, reimagined design to empowering local operators as email publishers, the brand’s email finally activates the founder’s brand promise.

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