Keynote Speakers

Catherine LoftusSenior CRM & Product Marketing Manager, Trusted Housesitters10:45 AM Feb. 19, 2019 Case Study: Harnessing the Power of Communities Through Referral Marketing and the K-Factor

Catherine Loftus serves as a Senior CRM & Product Marketing Manager for TrustedHousesitters, the world’s leading house and pet sitting platform and a unique sharing economy business competing in the pet care and travel markets. 

CRM and email marketing are a huge part of Catherine's role and are also great personal passions of her. With 6 years of experience, Catherine has also worked in the Financial Services, Mechanical Engineering and Environmental Services industries and holds two CIM-accredited marketing qualifications. 

Radu NeagCRM Manager, Email Marketing, Travian Games11:30 AM Feb. 20, 2019 Case Study