Keynote Speakers

Chiara RossittiCRM/Email Marketing, The North Face EMEA9:15 AM Feb. 6, 2018 Keynote: How The North Faces Inspires Consumers to Live a Life of Exploration

More than 10 years of experience in  profiling, segmenting, targeting of database. As CRM&Email Marketing Manager in The North Face  I am responsible of the email marketing campaigns and the Loyalty program since 3 years. I gained an experience in the consumer data quality, integrity and enrichment, becoming a main contact to enhance the utilisation and the quality of the customer database. Accustomed to work in highly professional and international environments, I have managed  the online and offline CRM projects of companies that work in relevant industry sectors.

Thomas FontvielleSecretary General, Signal Spam11:30 AM Feb. 6, 2018 Presentation: Exploring GDPR

Graduated initially in Political Sciences, Thomas has been working for Signal Spam since 2011 where he supervised as General Secretary the french public/private partnership at a time when it developed new regulation tools for e-mail marketing, such as the FBL and the IP aggregated ISP data feed, and tools to tackle cybercrime related spam. 
Thomas is also Project Manager inside the European consortium « ACDC » (Advanced Cyber Defense Center), member of the M3AAWG, the London Action Plan, and the CECyF (Expert Centre against Cybercrime).

Yves-Alain SchwaarDirector Digital Marketing & CRM, Sommet Education9:00 AM Feb. 7, 2018 Keynote: Adapting to a New Generation: Creating a Digital Customer Journey for Millennials

Ulf TiedemannHead of CRM UK & Europe, Merlin Entertainment9:50 AM Feb. 7, 2018 Case Study: How to Drive Positive Customer Journeys & Experiences With Integrated Multichannel

Sebastiaan RasterhoffHead of Growth, Rakuten11:30 AM Feb. 7, 2018 Case Study: Rakuten's Growth Marketing Strategy

Hessel BoschmaDigital Marketeer, Vodafone Ziggo8:30 AM Feb. 8, 2018 Keynote: Using Interactive Email to Invite Customers to Local Events

Hessel Boschma is a senior marketing professional with a broad experience in digital marketing, crm and direct marketing, with an accent on emailmarketing. Worked for advertising agencies and clients, among which the Publicis Group, Achmea (finance) and VodafoneZiggo (telco). Focus on initiating, planning and foremost bringing live innovative ‘out-of-the-box’ digital marketing projects.

Ruth HakkenbergE-mail marketeer, Schiphol Amsterdam Airport9:30 AM Feb. 8, 2018 Case Study: How Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Creates a Passenger Journey Via Email

Jim KrasDirector of Customer Relationships Management, ABN AMRO Group10:00 AM Feb. 8, 2018 Case Study: Hyperpersonalized Emails Through Psychological Personality Analytics