Keynote Speakers

Thomas FontvielleSecretary General, Signal Spam11:30 AM Feb. 6, 2018 Case Study: GDPR

Graduated initially in Political Sciences, Thomas has been working for Signal Spam since 2011 where he supervised as General Secretary the french public/private partnership at a time when it developed new regulation tools for e-mail marketing, such as the FBL and the IP aggregated ISP data feed, and tools to tackle cybercrime related spam. 
Thomas is also Project Manager inside the European consortium « ACDC » (Advanced Cyber Defense Center), member of the M3AAWG, the London Action Plan, and the CECyF (Expert Centre against Cybercrime).

Chiara RossittiCRM/Email Marketing, The North Face EMEA9:00 AM Feb. 7, 2018 Keynote

Albert VogelaarGlobal Digital CRM manager, TNT11:15 AM Feb. 7, 2018 Case Study

Jim KrasDirector of Customer Relationships Management, ABN AMRO Group10:00 AM Feb. 8, 2018 Case Study