Hessel Boschma

Vodafone Ziggo Digital Marketeer

Hessel Boschma is a senior marketing professional with a broad experience in digital marketing, crm and direct marketing, with an accent on emailmarketing. Worked for advertising agencies and clients, among which the Publicis Group, Achmea (finance) and VodafoneZiggo (telco). Focus on initiating, planning and foremost bringing live innovative ‘out-of-the-box’ digital marketing projects.

Meet Hessel at:

Panel: No, Wait!: Our Messaging Screw-Ups and What We Learned
Date/Time: 10:45 AM
An EIS tradition - the baring of the souls. Several of our messaging gurus share their most embarrassing but valuable mishaps. We explore not only where and how good intentions went wrong, but what marketers learned from them. What weakness did this faux pas reveal? And most importantly, what did they do to ensure it wouldn’t happen again?

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