Mairéad Bilton-Gough

Rakuten Europe Email Marketing Manager – UK & Spain

Mairéad Bilton-Gough is the Email Marketing Manager for UK and Spain at Rakuten, a global e-commerce company serving over 1.2 billion members in 30 countries and regions.

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Mairéad is a former journalist and editor, with her writing published in a multitude of online and print media outlets around the nation. Since jumping ship to the wide and wonderful (and sometimes wacky!) world of email marketing several years ago, Mairéad now resides in Berlin, Germany, where her role is to deliver engaging and effective communications to the UK and Spain markets, with a focus on email optimisation, member acquisition, and customer-journey development.

Meet Mairéad at:

Panel: Customer Lifecycles: Planting the Seeds & Nurturing the Garden
Date/Time: 9:30 AM

Savvy marketers understand that the best customers are the ones that come back over and over again. These return visits are often driven by well-thought out customer journeys. In this panel, marketers will explore best practices surrounding each phase of the customer journey and share expertise on how to make the most of each part of the cycle.

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