Chris Kelly

Organic Chief Creative Officer

Chris is a high impact Chief Creative Officer with extensive experience leading digital creative solutions. His focus is on ideas. Ideas that range from social and mobile platforms to interactive and traditional media. Ideas that meet brand needs and user needs simultaneously, regardless of medium. He is an accomplished musician with an extensive touring and recording background and has done a significant amount of traveling around the world including North Korea. Prior to Organic, Chris held a creative leadership role at Wunderman working on projects for Land Rover, Nokia and Dell.

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Discussion: “Alexa, How Do Marketers Deal with All These Voice Assistants?”
Date/Time: 3:30 PM

Reaching consumers on the screens of TV, PCs and mobile devices was relatively straightforward. But those consumers who were looking at screens are now speaking to and hearing from devices through voice assistants that are becoming the standard front end of interactions. Creating an Alexa skill is an elementary stage of where voice assistants are heading. This panel tackles the new world of voice and how and where innovative marketing fits.

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