Dani Kollin

Midnight Oil Creative Director

Dani Kollin is an award-winning creative director and internationally recognized author who’s helped Fortune 500 companies from Samsung to Mattel create engaging brand experiences that are on strategy, memorable, and highly effective. He’s led creative solutions that encompass mobile apps, enterprise websites, brand refreshes and integrated advertising campaigns—all of which have been seen on millions of smartphones, at thousands of in-store video displays, online, and at high-profile events. Dani is currently the creative lead for Midnight Oil Agency's SoftBank Robotics account—a high tech robotics, AI, Internet, and mobile technology firm with investments in some of the world's hottest tech startups such as e-commerce giant Alibaba and U.S mobile carrier Sprint. 

Meet Dani at:

Panel: Smart Shoppers Meet Smart Stores
Date/Time: 1:30 PM

Half of retailers have deployed IoT technology, with most of those creating new and engaging customer experiences. How and exactly where do marketers interact with in-store shoppers, when inventory knows where it is and when it moves, customers are identified as they roam the aisles and previous behaviors are digitally documented? When, where and what is the right messaging in the connected store and what are the consumer signals that it’s time to stay clear? This panel tackles the challenge beyond keeping customers in malls or stores longer to making their stay more enjoyable.

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