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Tuesday, November 27

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Ross Fadner, Director, Event Programming, MediaPost 
12:00 PM
Phil O’Connor, Director Marketing Communications & Media, Infiniti Motor Company Ltd 
12:30 PM
Ready or not, here they come: Generation Z, those born roughly between 1995 and 2010, is now graduating from college and entering the workforce. These so-called “Digital Natives” are voracious consumers of social media in all forms and can almost always be spotted holding a mobile device. Although they tend to be savvy about digital media/marketing practices, they demonstrate almost zero brand loyalty, and are generally turned off by passive, one-way advertising. However, Gen Zers are happy to hand over data in return for highly-relevant and/or engaging experiences--particularly those offering a degree of user control. At what point does what they're asking for start to sound like "Media" or "Content"? How is the automotive marketing industry preparing for Gen Z in the near and long-term? 
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Some experts claim OEMs should revise their approach to content marketing, especially now that Gen Zers are looking to buy their first (or second!) car. Common criticisms include: too many OEMs still create one-off campaigns that only live as long as the campaign does; others fail to efficiently funnel prospective buyers to their owned/earned media properties, a necessary step in the typical customer journey. How can OEMs create a virtuous content distribution network across mobile, social and video platforms to better reach Millennials and Gen Z, in particular? How can third parties help, and what are some paid media strategies to further amplify reach? What insights can be combined with other touchpoints to move customers further down the purchase funnel?
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Sometimes it's important to strip away the layers of potential and existing interactions between consumers and auto marketers across channels, platforms, and devices, to focus on some essentials in the (typically very long) auto buyer customer journey. One: Mobile absolutely matters most: it is already dominant in automotive research, and is only expected to grow its share. Two: the vast majority of auto purchases take place locally. Three: your brand's presence on every media platform (including your own!) must be continuously maintained and optimized. Finally, after the purchase, how are you attributing value for each touch point along the way? How do you know where/when to ask for outside help managing media partners? 
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Case Study
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Discussion: The Upside of Out-of-Home for OEMs
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