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Thursday, September 27

8:00 AM
9:00 AM
Steve Smith, VP, Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost 
9:15 AM
The digitally empowered customer journey has been the fundamental game-changer for every category of the healthcare industry: pharma, insurance, hospitals, assisted living, even devices. How has this great disruption already altered the ways in which these longstanding institutions and their marketing organizations locate and talk to their customers. How has the so-called "retailization" of healthcare changed the media plan? Where are the budgets headed? Can the latest targeting and segmentation technology help personalize and humanize healthcare advertising?
Jordan Greene, Partner/Mobile Media, Mella Media 
Nikzad Allahverdi, Senior Digital Manager, Five Star Quality Care 
Jon Kagan, Sr. Director of Search and Biddable Media, Cogniscient Media 
Ted Lawson, Senior Director of Marketing, Endo Pharmaceuticals 
10:00 AM
When confronting major threats to its brands, Highmark applied retail marketing best practices to render two of the most disruptive, effective campaigns of 2017. Allegheny Health Network had a quality perception problem. It bypassed the customary promises of improvement and instead showed the #LivingProof, dozens of extraordinary, in-the-moment patient care stories that connected deeply with raw emotion, changing both perceptions and behaviors. Likewise, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Delaware enlisted a beloved state bird, the Blue Hen, to resonate with proud Delawareans. CMO Cindy Donohoe will explore how authenticity and creativity are key to brand health.
Cindy Donohoe, EVP, CMO, Highmark Health 
10:30 AM
Coffee Break
11:00 AM
Healthcare CRM promises marketers a 360-degree view of patient needs that should lead to more personalized, human interactions with customers and prospects. But what have been the real world challenges in gathering the diverse data inputs these systems require? How are marketers managing institutional silos, regulatory/privacy considerations, creative constraints to realize the promise of data driven relationships?
Hans Kaspersetz, President & Chief Strategist, Arteric 
Dr. Gabrielle Bedewi, Chief Analytics Officer, Butler/Till 
Brian Deffaa, CMO, LifeBridge Health 
Justin Freid, EVP, Managing Director, CMI/Compas 
Shonel Morrison, Associate Director, Media, AstraZeneca 
11:45 AM
As a new generation of consumers take healthcare into their own hands a vital category of digitally driven D2C consumer health products emerge to service everything from dental care to hair loss, hearing aids to contact lenses. Most of these companies are taking a radically different approach to targeting, marketing and servicing consumers. We ask some of these new brands to share their insights about the new health consumer and what traditional providers can learn from this new wave.
Beatriz Mallory, SVP, Managing Director, SensisHealth 
Mario Anglada, Chief Executive Officer, Hoy Health LLC 
Robert Birge, EVP, Product & Chief Marketing Officer, Blink Health 
Samir Ghousheh, General Manager of Pharmacy, / 
12:30 PM
There is a dynamic disconnect between how consumers view the healthcare industry, their own health and the insurers and providers who serve them. But with that disconnect comes significant opportunity for marketing to make a meaningful difference. Blue Shield of California’s VP, Brand, Research and Creative Studio explores how their research into consumer attitudes fundamentally reoriented the insurer’s branding, messaging and capability building. A holistic approach to customers requires an equally well-rounded approach to products, services and marketing.
Kimball Wilkins, VP, Brand Research and Creative Studios, Blue Shield of California 
1:00 PM
2:00 PM
Recruiting for The National Marrow Donors Program is a tough marketing challenge that has to educate while it also engages emotion and moves people to act in a substantial way. At the same time, the Be the Match initiative has committed to diversifying the donor pool so that every segment of society has equal access to this life-saving resource. More than just engage emotion, Be the Match has learned that multicultural marketing requires authenticity that goes deeper than messaging and starts with grassroots community relations.
Amy Freese, Director, Strategic Partnerships & Multicultural Growth, Be The Match 
2:30 PM
While some healthcare companies are leveraging the advertising capabilities of social platforms, most hospitals, insurers and pharma understand that this is a channel for deepening relationships and enriching patient experience. But ultimately how are these efforts being mapped against brand goals and ROI? How are healthcare brands organizing their efforts around social internally, managing content and feedback? And how are these brands navigating the social hazards of privacy, misinformation, anger?
Andrew Eklund, Founder and CEO, Ciceron 
Katryn Geane, Director of Client Services, Situation 
Gary Kibel, Partner, Davis & Gilbert LLP 
Susan Waldman, CMO, Meals on Wheels 
3:15 PM
Coffee Break
3:45 PM
Does it all have to be comforting stock images and slo-mo blandness? As healthcare brands vie directly for consumer attention and loyalty, the creative palette needs to widen. We ask innovators in the field about the gentle art of pushing boundaries, using data and better customer profiling to get beyond the oxymoron "healthcare creative."
Michael DiSalvo, SVP of Health & Wellness, Ogilvy 
John Barker, Founder and Chief Idea Officer, BARKER 
Courtney Cotrupe, President, Partners+Napier 
Moses Salami, Director, Marketing Communications, Holy Name Medical Center 
4:30 PM
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