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Marketing: Health: Mar 2014

9:00 AM Opening Remarks
Joe Mandese , Editor-in-Chief, MediaPost
Steve Smith , VP, Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost
9:15 AM Keynote: The Challenge of Reaching the Health Marketplace In a Multi-Screen, Multi-Channel Age

Digital media consumption is rapidly changing how a marketer can reach an audience, whether they are patients, caregivers, doctors, or any other in the multi-faceted healthcare arena. Ritesh Patel will provide insights on the media consumption and decision-making behavior changes among these different constituencies. How do marketers of all stripes meet this new complexity across the various healthcare markets.

Ritesh Patel , Global Head of inVentiv Digital + Innovation, inVentiv Health Inc.
9:45 AM I am Not a Patient, I Am Not a Disease: Understanding the Empowered Health Consumer

Above all else in healthcare, digital media has fully empowered and educated the consumer of services. This changes everything about health marketing…or at least it should. We start Marketing:Health with that new consumer – who she is, how she gathers and uses information, how, where and why she is seeking information on digital platforms. Once marketers get beyond merely paying lip service to “following the consumer,” how should that deeper understanding of the healthcare seeker inform branding, media planning, messaging and longer term customer relationships? And how are marketers gathering consumer intelligence and leveraging big and small data to build a 360-degree view of their customers?

Arielle Heyman , Digital Marketing Manager, Mustela
Leigh Householder , Chief Innovation Officer, GSW
Howard Hunt , Executive Director, Mobile Client Service, Meredith Xcelerated Marketing
Matt McNally , President, Publicis Health Media
Maria Tazi , Strategic Brand and Marketing Consultant, Prophet
10:30 AM Keynote: Big data. Big promises. Is it for Everyone?

The Obama 2012 campaign brought the benefits of big data to the forefront of political campaigns and many other organizations in D.C. Hear how Enroll America has incorporated these models into their digital media efforts that drive insurance exchange enrollments and what they’ve learned about its limitations. Adam will offer his advice for your organizations as you face the big data questions.

Adam Stalker , National Digital Director, Enroll America
11:00 AM Coffee Break
11:30 AM Madison Avenue And Silicon Valley Meet Medicine: Digital Media Buying/Planning for Health Marketing

We’re not selling soap here. The major agency holding companies are spinning out new units to cover the health vertical because media planning and buying here is radically different from other B2C and B2B segments. People use health care media differently, come to it for different reasons. They are, most often, not moving towards a transaction. Therefore, the au courant advertising technology tools don’t necessarily apply here. The media mix is complex encompassing professional, institutional and consumer audiences. The legal and regulatory considerations are unique. To address the complexities, we bring together leading agency planners and buyers to explore the intersection of digital technology with health care marketing.

Dan Hodges , CEO & Founder, Consumers In Motion
Michael Baker , CEO, DataXu
Michael Baliber , SVP, Director of Media Strategy, Interpublic's ID Media
Ken Begasse , Chief Strategy Officer, Concentric Health Experience
Matt Henry , VP, Healthcare, Audience Partners
12:15 PM Marketing into the Obamacare Economy

The Affordable Care Act changed the game and raised the opportunity for insurance providers. Tens of millions of new customers are now in market, shifting insurance company marketing from B2B to B2C. The challenges are diverse. Not only are messaging and media planning/buying unique, but marketers have to cultivate new customer acquisition channels, vet new sources of data, and understand new class of customers. The sheer complexity of the new exchange system poses educational challenges to all and raises questions about who in this new public/private partnership is responsible for doing what in the marketplace? Our panel of insurance industry execs explores marketing in the post ACA landscape.

Steve Rubis , Associate Analyst, STIFEL
Olivia Banyon , Founder, EVP/Managing Director, Quality Matters
Jamie Beth Solak , Managing Director, Arlington Healthcare Group
Alice Chen , MD Executive Director, Doctors for America
Marcelo Rodriguez , Principal, Grupo Parada
Jose Villa , President, Sensis
1:00 PM Lunch
1:45 PM Welcome Back
2:00 PM Research Presentation: The State of the Digital Patient

David Shronk, VP-Digital Health Vertical for comScore, will review consumer online health trends focusing on insights derived from his team’s many years of tracking the health category. He'll review the behaviors of consumers as they interact in the digital space.

David Shronk , Vice-President Digital Health Vertical, comScore inc.
2:30 PM Slip Of The Tongue: Pitfalls and Potential in Social Media

Social media has caused an explosion in health-related information sharing, but this is one arena where “word-of-mouth” is not always a good thing. Misinformation can be dangerous to consumers, but real-time and over-zealous correctives from industry players can put companies at risk. The FDA is only beginning to offer guidance on how the pharma segment should handle social media communications, so it is unclear how regulations apply here. Yet online forums and social networks have become the go-to sources for many consumers. How are healthcare providers building policies and procedures for engaging the social media space? Who will shape this conversation – providers, regulators, consumers?

Chris Abraham , Principal Consultant, Gerris Digital
Kriste Goad , CMO, ReviveHealth
Carrie Kerpen , CEO, Likeable Media
David Kopp , EVP/General Manager, Healthline
Jenny Vance , Co-Founder and President, LeadJen
3:15 PM Coffee Break
3:30 PM Paging Dr. Draper: The Role of Creative in Healthcare Marketing

Does healthcare marketing really need to look and sound the same? And must it be so boring? As the segment expands into ever more media, how can agencies push the boundaries to stand out? How can marketers work within the many regulations and the generally serious messaging but still find new creative hooks? Is there room in healthcare marketing for creativity, and even fun? In this discussion we explore how agencies are innovating around creative and messaging while continuing to color inside the lines of regulation and taste.

Ahava Leibtag , President, AHA Media Group
Gaurav Bhatia , VP, Digital Strategy, AARP Services
Mark DiMassimo , CEO and Founder, DiMassimo Goldstein (DiGo)
Dave Lockwood , Group Director, Solutions Planning, Lowe Campbell Ewald
Tim Roberts , Executive Vice President/Creative Director, Franklin Street
4:15 PM From Gadget to Lifesaver: Crafting an mHealth Strategy

With computers and sensors now in patients’ pockets, mobile technology is poised to transform modern healthcare at every level. From preventative services to device monitoring, form communications with providers to fitness, from treatment to support and training etc., the smartphone is a game changer. But first things first. How do healthcare marketers prioritize their entry into this limitless opportunity? How do marketers assess when, where, how (and how much) to go mobile … before their competition beats them to market?

Scott Holmes , Chief Marketing Officer, Blue Wave Media
Gabriel Cheng , VP, Mobile Strategy, M&C Saatchi Mobile
Kevin Clement , VP, North American Pharmaceuticals IS Business Partner, Sanofi
Geoff McCleary , VP Group Director, Mobile Innovation, Digitas Health
Colan McGeehan , SVP of Consumer Revenue and Partnerships, Sharecare
Jason Oberfest , Co-founder and CEO, Mango Health
5:00 PM Conference Concludes

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