On to 2020: Applying Campaign Lessons of 2018

New rules for digital advertising. A shrinking TV footprint. Distrust in social media and changing dynamics for political posts. One-hour news cycles. Digital clutter and in-box fatigue. Campaign 2018 has challenged political marketing with a fluid media environment where the rules of engagement remain unclear and untested. For the sixth year, MediaPost’s annual Marketing Politics will be the first post-mortem on what was learned in Campaign 2018 and the first preamble to how those lessons will be applied to Campaign 2020. 

With a special focus on digital channels we will explore how the perennial tension between TV and online spend is playing out now and where campaigns saw their strongest ROI. Fund-raising hit record high this past cycle, but how has the email, social, ad mix evolved in driving the money? Data remains the lifeblood of campaigns, but how did marketers best identify, find and engage voters and “persuadables,” and where did they see diminishing returns on hypertargeting? The all-important social and ad channels, especially Facebook, enforced new political advertising and posting rules this cycle. How do campaigns navigate them? And messaging itself seems torn between post-fact hyperbolic negatives and inspirational viral video portraits. So what political creative resonates in a post-fact, vitriolic environment?

Campaign and media gurus from both parties and leading PACs and advocates will assemble to explore how lessons from the current election cycle will shape marketing and media in the next.