MEDIA Magazine - Art, Science & Everything In Between

There are still important stories that need to be told in print. They are the kind of stories readers want to hold in their hand and reflect on. They are the kind of stories that make you think. And four times a year our readers, the busiest media strategists, tap into MEDIA magazine to explore and examine the ideas that are reshaping the media business.

Media planning and buying have always been about the intersection of art and science, but lately they seem torn by those two diametrical directions. On the one hand the business has become all about the art of understanding consumers and planning the best communications to reach them. On the other hand, the business has become all about accountability, return on investment, and econometrics. In the front of the book MEDIA focuses on the art of communication, while stories and columns about the science and metrics of media dominate the back. The stuff in between is the big ideas, trends, topics, and people who are reshaping the way media works and where it's going next.

Like the media markets we cover, we deliver the best content to the right readers via the most appropriate platform possible. And as MEDIA Magazine proves, this still includes print.

Audience: 85.9% work in an Advertising Agency or Media Agency

Frequency: 4x per year (quarterly)
Circulation: 20,000 subscribers
Units: P4CB
Rates: $11,950

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