MediaPost Story

MediaPost Communications is an integrated publishing and content company whose mission is to provide an array of resources to super-serve media planners and buyers. Our established and respected publishing history starts with our founder and publisher, Kenneth Fadner, who created AdWeek magazines, and continues with our editor Joe Mandese, a longstanding veteran in media and journalism. In the early 90’s while running Adweek, Ken, identified a real need to serve the media buying and planning community with information and resources to help them make better decisions. None of the major trade publishers were filling that need. While they were only reporting on general advertising news and campaign stories, the media decision maker was mostly ignored. When they did cover media, it was about the media companies and not the professional practice of media planning and buying. The industry needed a publisher to get down to the brass tacks — exploring and examining the business of media for media decision makers: the buyers and planners who control billions of advertising dollars. Today the vision has been realized, and MediaPost has become the most important publisher for the media buyer and planner. Its 52 publications are read by the final decision maker for 87% of all dollars spent on advertising. Its 30+ events boast the best speakers and audience with the most relevant and engaging programs. MediaPost is THE source of news and content for advertising for thought leaders and their staffs.

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