TV Watch

TV Watch gives media decision makers an overhead view of the television media business. With TV Watch, subscribers are able to read and identify the latest news, trends, figures, buzz, reviews, announcements, observations, facts, and moves in television.

TV Watch covers every niche of the TV industry; reporting on network, cable, and syndication television, this single publication alleviates the need to subscribe to multiple publications for a thorough examination of the television industry. TV Watch's unique presentation and editorial position distinguishes itself from the competition and causes it to stand out in a homogenous market.

A hub for experts aggregate and report:

  • General industry news
  • Breaking upfront news
  • Buzz
  • Programming information
  • Ratings
  • Breaking research
  • Case studies
  • Schedules
  • Player moves
  • Spending reports/Demand index
  • Category reports
  • Commentary/Opinion
  • Job openings

Frequency: Daily
Circulation: 32,000 subscribers
Units: Standard
Rates: $7,090

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