Brian Salzman

RQ Founder and CEO

Brian Salzman, Founder and CEO of RQ, shows brands how to approach and utilize culture through strategic relationships. He helps clients like Google and Samsung connect with people of impact for more honest and authentic brand marketing. RQ also shows marketers how to determine their “relationship intelligence” and avoid falling prey to bad, transaction-based influencer marketing strategies that are plaguing the industry.
Formerly, Brian was the President, USA, of Quintessentially Media, where he built a new division of the global company focused on online and offline influencer marketing. Prior to that, Brian was SVP at 2 Degrees Ventures, an award winning marketing agency for over 10 years, where he played a key role in operations and new business development for global clients including Samsung, AT&T, Blackberry, Microsoft, Nike, Spotify and more.

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Discussion: Inverted Influence: Reach vs Accessibility
Date/Time: 11:45 AM

Some industry watchers think influencer marketing needs a dramatic rethink, away from social media stars that deliver massive reach towards smaller micro-influencers, claiming the Web’s biggest stars are now just as inaccessible to regular people as Hollywood celebrities, making them (ironically) less influential. Is there really an inverse relationship between reach and accessibility when it comes to celebrity in America, and is that something you can measure? Are there any new models out there that move beyond social data to hone in on what really drives influence? How does a brand figure out what the right mix of reach and accessibility is when choosing an influencer partner?

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