Jessica Clifton

Edelman U.S. Managing Director, Strategic Growth and Development

Jess brings 15 years of integrated marketing experience to Edelman. In her current position, Jess is focused on scaling and growing digital specialties across the Edelman US network, including paid media, influencer marketing, analytics, as well as driving the evolution of new offerings including eSports, Virtual Reality and Video Influencer programming.

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Discussion: Inverted Influence: Reach vs Accessibility
Date/Time: 11:45 AM

Some industry watchers think influencer marketing needs a dramatic rethink, away from social media stars that deliver massive reach towards smaller micro-influencers, claiming the Web’s biggest stars are now just as inaccessible to regular people as Hollywood celebrities, making them (ironically) less influential. Is there really an inverse relationship between reach and accessibility when it comes to celebrity in America, and is that something you can measure? Are there any new models out there that move beyond social data to hone in on what really drives influence? How does a brand figure out what the right mix of reach and accessibility is when choosing an influencer partner?

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