Daniel Smith

Cordial Technical Architect

Daniel is the Technical Architect for Cordial, the adaptive messaging platform empowering marketers to create, scale, and optimize personalized experiences across email and mobile. Daniel was responsible for building Cordial's distributed messaging architecture and ensuring it would support Cordial's rapid growth from zero to over 150 brands and beyond.  Daniel holds over 16 years of experience in the industry with a unique combination of technical prowess, business focus, and the ability to communicate even the most complex technical concepts to non-technical people.  Daniel currently oversees Cordial's AI and machine learning disciplines, desiring to bring mind-numbing math and statistics to any marketer willing to take the plunge.

Meet Daniel at:

Panel: Choosing the Right AI Partner for Your Brand
Date/Time: 4:30 PM

AI is everywhere these days, and your brand doesn’t want to be left behind, but the options are also overwhelming. How do you go about getting involved? How do you know which AI company will make the best partner for your brand? What’s the difference between this and that offering or platform? Our panel of agencies and AI brands will help you navigate the morass of AI partner options.


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