Craig Osika

The Weather Company, an IBM Business Cognitive Product and Data Partnerships Leader

As the cognitive product and data partnerships leader at The Weather Company, an IBM Business, Craig Osika is responsible for architecting and developing new partnerships with leading technology companies across the advertising and marketing ecosystem.

In this role, Osika is also a cognitive product expert and charged with leading the expansion for Watson Ads, an industry-first solution that learns and interacts with consumers through advertising. The cognitive ad unit allows consumers to interact directly with brands by having a personalized two-way conversation within an ad experience. Watson Ads leverage Watson’s natural language and conversation capabilities to address consumer questions, explain more about products, and ultimately help consumers make better buying decisions.

Previously, Osika was the senior director of platform sales and partnerships at Wrap Media. Over the span of his career, he has held a variety of roles leading solutions and sales engineering organizations for companies including: Yahoo!, interclick, Right Media, Doubleclick, and Accenture. 

Osika earned a bachelor’s degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - Lally School of​ Management and Technology​, and a master’s degree from Binghamton University - School of Management.

Meet Craig at:

Panel: Choosing the Right AI Partner for Your Brand
Date/Time: 4:30 PM

AI is everywhere these days, and your brand doesn’t want to be left behind, but the options are also overwhelming. How do you go about getting involved? How do you know which AI company will make the best partner for your brand? What’s the difference between this and that offering or platform? Our panel of agencies and AI brands will help you navigate the morass of AI partner options.


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