Alex Groth

Gladly CEO

Alex Groth is co-founder and CEO of Gladly, adtech that’s transforming the Internet experience by improving how online advertising is done. Through its core services, Tab for a Cause and Goodblock, Gladly’s mission is to give users a choice in the ads they view, while protecting their privacy and making sure every ad serves a worthy purpose.

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Panel: The Data-Driven Consumer: Imagining An Opt-In Ad Economy of 2021
Date/Time: 3:45 PM
How long has the industry been assuring consumers that tracking their online behaviors, preferences, personae and compromising their privacy gives them more relevant and better advertising and better media? But has it…really? Maybe users are blocking ads because the purported value exchange of advertising is invisible at best, laughable at worst. This panel explores the possibility of data collection becoming an opportunity for media and advertisers to reset the relationship. Will the media of 2021 need to better leverage opt-in relationships where the exchange of data for content is more transparent, clearly beneficial to the consumer and under her control? As content and data diffuses into the Internet of Things, especially, won’t permission-based marketing relationships become pretty much required. Why wait to figure out how this all will work?

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