August 7, 2014Radisson Martinique on Broadway, NYC


The Augmented Shopper

Mobile consumers are shopping all the time – because they can.

Most purchasing still revolves around the in-store experience Americans love. But the decision path crosses multiple digital channels, with mobile playing a critical and complex role along the way. Consumers are empowered and their shopping experience has been augmented by mobile devices in many subtle ways, from the store location check to the product look-up, from the in-store price comparison to a full-on, inspiration-to-purchase cycle.

Simply monitoring and measuring mobile transactions misses the grander and more holistic picture of mobile commerce today.

How do brands and agencies tap into the digital path to purchase meaningfully and at the most opportune moments? What and where is the relevance in this new shopping environment? And are transformative moves that radically change the shopping dynamics more effective than an approach of incremental change?

Consumers already are recognizing their opportunity to receive value for being targeted but also have views on what they expect to get in return. How should brands, agencies and retailers determine which approach is best to be considered valuable to each individual consumer?

New and advanced technologies combined with the evolving roles of agencies and brands are helping define the mobile shopping process of the future. And as the many test results pour in, the questions brands and retailers will face is which, if any, to roll out at scale and when.

Speakers at OMMA mCommerce will delve into the complex and evolving issues surrounding mobile shopping today, with a focus on successful ways to better serve the mobile consumer throughout their digital shopping journey.

Featured Speakers

Conference Content Programmer

Chuck Martin, Bestselling Author and Columnist, MediaPost

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"The Way to a Customer's Heart is Through Their Smartphone"

  • Right now, there are roughly 182 million smartphone users in the US.  In just 3 years, that number will likely increase to 223 million (70% of the population).
  • As soon as 2014, half of all traffic to retail web sites will be from smartphones.
  • In the next 6 months, mCommerce sales in the US are expected to increase from $25 billion to $39 billion.
  • This year, nearly 80 million US consumers (about 51% of online buyers) will make a purchase on a mobile device.
While you were sleeping, customers were making purchases via smartphones.  Were they buying your products, or those of your competitors?

You can't afford not to mCommerce.

What to Expect

  • Listen to top names from media agencies, retailers and brands in onstage panels, keynotes, research presentations and case studies to determine the most effective methods of reaching mobile, interactive shoppers.
  • Learn how to engage mobile shoppers at all stages of the new mobile path to purchase.
  • Network with agencies, brands and other decision makers in the broad world of mobile commerce to broaden your connections and partnerships.