OMMA Display In LA
September 29 – October 1, 2015
New York City

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  • Tuesday September 29
    OMMA Premium Display
    From Top Down to Bottom Up

    Attribution, the dark art of knowing which ad exposures where and when drive results, has undergone its own disruption of late. At our inaugural OMMA Attribution conference we'll explore how marketers are beginning to put all the pieces together. We'll learn how to gain insight into which sources contribute, which channels convert, and which tactics (channel, frequency, creative) produce the greatest efficiency, More»

    OMMA Premium Display
    Some People CAN Be Bought

    The new era of "People Picking" is upon us. Audiences are being aggregated, analyzed and optimized via demand side software interfaces and algorithms. As we will learn at OMMA Audience Buying, the shift is not so simple or easy. At this show, media buyers and sellers will expose the unexpected consequences and complexity of following the consumer. More»

  • Wednesday September 30
    Re-Programming the TV Audience

    It's about following audiences now, not just buying "TV,” but it's less about automation and real-time ad insertion than about the infusion of enhanced granular data and segmentation opportunities into the media buying process. We explore the range of ways to more precisely target individual viewers wherever, whenever and whatever they are watching. More»

    Automating the Video Everywhere Future

    Video is the content most brands want to distribute everywhere. At this show we'll focus on the key questions and opportunities swirling around this explosive channel. Experienced media buyers will explore the state of video inventory and the search for quality. We'll expose innovative new video ad formats, enhanced video targeting technologies, multi-screen tactics and more of the strategies agencies and brands are deploying. More»

  • Thursday October 1
    The Power of Programmatic is in Our Hands

    Money is gushing into mobile ... but is it smart money, invested wisely? Where and how are planners leveraging the unique capability of the smart devices and geo-targeting mobile makes possible? What are the creative challenges on the small screens? What is the state of mobile metrics? And, can we target and re-target effectively across all the big and small screens? More»

    Display Programmatic Finds a New Maturity

    From automation to storytelling, programmatic techniques and technologies are poised to own the display space in very short order. But, has this made online advertising any better? Are we creating a sustainable display environment or destroying one? Can display ads get beyond a narrow definition of performance? Is the creative palette flexible and effective enough to carry branding? Do marketers want and need this channel to deliver more? More»