Eric Ferguson

Nielsen Director of Digital Client Services

Eric Ferguson is Director of Digital Client Services at Nielsen, and is responsible for the company’s digital products and advisory work among brand, retail, tech, and entertainment clients. With nearly a decade of experience in the mobile industry, Eric has advised many of the world’s largest advertisers and publishers on how they can make the most of their mobile media and marketing. Prior to joining Nielsen, Eric was a management consultant with Booz & Company, where he focused on growth strategy and digital media. Eric received his MBA from Cornell University and BA from the University of Pennsylvania.

Meet Eric at:

Customer Acquisition and Relationship-Building In A Mobile Age
Date/Time: 11:30 AM
Expanding your prospect funnel means expanding your prospect sources. While many marketers view tablets and PDA's as an ideal e-commerce engine, others have begun to recognize the power of the mobile format to build databases and nurture prospect relationships. This talk will give you perspective on the trends in mobile acquisition and show you current success stories.

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