May 20, 2014
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OMMA Social: If Everything Is Social, Where Do We Go From Here?

Few things are clear about the future of digital media, but if anything is clear, it’s that all online media is social in some form. For some, this means sharing video on Facebook, and watching the comments fly; for others, it’s live-tweeting throughout Major League Baseball’s Opening Day or the NCAA Final Four. Still other people are serial commenters on their favorite news site, anxious to share photos on Instagram, or their fitness progress by uploading Fitbit data for all the world to see. The same, of course, applies to ads. What’s the point of an ad on YouTube or a Facebook Sponsored Post, or a Promoted Tweet if it isn’t shared?

But, for marketers, the problem with everything being social is that it leaves them hard-pressed to get noticed in the organic, authentic ways they both aspire to and that are increasingly hard to achieve. Just ask any Facebook advertiser who now finds that the only way to get in front of the predominant social platform’s massive user base is through paid media. At this year’s OMMA Social @ InternetWeek we’ll explore a time when all media is social, and how marketers need to proceed because of it.

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