February 23, 2012Sheraton New York, Times Square Hotel


Live from OMMA's Tablet Revolution

Surviving the Post-PC Quake

The sexy gadget of 2011 just became a serious digital disruptor of 2012. Only 10% of us own an iPad, Fire or Nook Tablet. But we ignore at our own peril the gadget’s disproportionate influence across TV, print, Web, mobile and e-commerce platforms. Media buyers and planners now have a way to engage users more intimately and creatively than they ever did on the Web. But the platform may be fragmenting quickly and struggling to find the scale that merits investment? Now the questions are where to buy,  what to develop, and is it time for a ”tablet strategy?”
Media old and new are also scrambling to manage a post-PC reality. Prime time has to cope with the promise and threat of a second screen. Magazines and newspapers get a second digital shot at users, but have to compete for mindshare on a multi-purpose platform. And now e-commerce has become “t-commerce” as many online retailers find that table browsers are their best customers. Is their buy button ready to be tapped?
At Tablet Revolution New York, we tap into the hard reality of the great device disruption of 2012 and how it affects all aspects of the marketing and media industry. Tablets may well represent the Internet we were waiting for all along, but are we ready to build businesses here?

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What the Industry is Saying

"OMMA Tablet Revolution provided a very good overview on all the issues affecting marketing and media in this emerging category.  We're so early that case studies and what works and what doesn't are critical.  Great event."
Howard Sholkin, Director, IDG Strategic Marketing Services

"Tablets are still a form of emerging media.  At this event, I was able to gain insights that I usually don't get on a daily basis by reading articles."
Debbie Johnsen, Director Interactive Marketing, The Leading Hotels of the World

"Good insights, not just another event where vendors 'Sell' their business."
Nick Dimitrakiou, Managing Director, Media, FD Consulting

"Insightful and forward thinking.  It will be exciting next year to see how the industry has changed in just 12 months."
Alex Linde, Director, Mobile & Tablet Advertising, Yahoo! Inc.

"Well worth attending.  You can keep informed about the changes in the media landscape as it pertains to tablet and online video."
Charlene Weisler, Writer, Weisler Media LLC