Lake Tahoe - August 21 - 24, 2019

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Data-Driven Outcomes: The Next Programmatic

As digital ad spending overtakes "traditional" media this year, it is clear that modern data-driven media technologies have also fundamentally moved the ad game beyond reach, frequency and impressions. MediaPost's Data & Programmatic Insider Summit explores how marketers are using these tools to target not only audiences but business outcomes. Data is not only fueling ad buys, but tying a range of marketing techniques to more specific brand goals - from acquisition to sales, loyalty to lifetime value.



Programmatic Everywhere: The Data-Driven Generation

Data-driven advertising and automation have won the day, but they aren't standing still. The next stages of this evolution now involve deeper ties to branding, more reliable first party data, integration of users and messaging across screens, and extending these arts to emerging media channels.

Marketers are building war chests of first party data to ensure more direct and trusted connections with customers as privacy worries loom. But they also need to move beyond the performance metrics of first-gen programmatic and build brands. How will they bridge brand and performance, especially as automation reaches into new channels like audio, voice, out-of-home? And as the data driven economy matures, how do buyers adapt to the increased leverage sellers are exerting in the market to maintain efficiency and transparency.


Data Driven Advertising Comes of Age

After a decade of substantial growth as well as ongoing growing pains, programmatic advertising and data driven marketing appear to be entering a new maturity. At the March Data & Programmatic Insider Summit we will explore how media buyers are advancing the quality, transparency, accountability, measurability and even the creativity of data-driven ads.


Meet the People Who Will Skyrocket Your 2017 ROI

At the spring edition of Mediapost’s Data and Programmatic Insiders Summit we will feature relationships. Using a case study approach, we have invited marketers and their agencies to co-present both their latest best practices in targeting, optimizing and measuring data-driven ad campaigns. But at the same time they will explore how they worked better and more transparently together. We will explore...


Programmatic And The Next User Experience

At the annual summer Programmatic Insider Summit we test for quality. How are marketers, trading desks and publishers beating back the the bots and fraudsters? What best practices are emerging not only to track users across devices but to craft messaging that fits the contexts? How can the creative finally feel less robotic than the delivery mechanisms? And are traditional notions of editorial context finally reasserting themselves after years of data-driven buying focused obsessively on audience? 

The new watchwords for 2016 and beyond are quality, user experience, content. At the Programmatic Insider Summit we ask the big question: whether and how data-driven and automated advertising is up to the assignment.


Challenging The Machine: The Game Changers of 2016… And Beyond

With power and maturity come new challenges. As programmatic technologies and approaches dominate the digital display, video and mobile ad spheres, technological advancement only goes so far in growing the market. At the annual Winter Programmatic Insider Summit we engage the next generation of challenges that will change the way brands and agencies buy their digital media in 2016. 


Is Programmatic Ready For Its Close-Up?: Creativity and Automation Across Screens

The machines are migrating. No screen will be left behind. Mobile and video channels are now the key growth drivers for programmatic media buying, as data driven targeting and automation move outside of simple display and social media. The great promise to advertisers is the ability to tell richer stories to just the right audiences on the media they most enjoy – video, tablets, phones and even TVs. But these channels each pose discrete challenges to buying, execution, accountability and targeting. Old questions need new answers as programmatic takes different shape on every screen.
At Mediapost’s Programmatic Insider Summit we zoom in on these areas of greatest growth in programmatic to ask the right questions.

  • How are media buyers cracking the programmatic code on mobile – mapping customers across Web and phone with any confidence in a post-cookie environment?  
  • How is viewability being defined and measured differently in video formats and on mobile screens?  
  • As video CPMs attract more sophisticated ad fraudsters, how are buyers defending themselves?  
  • What does “programmatic” really mean in the TV buying context? 
  • Is mobile really “fraud-resistant?”   
  • As TV, video, display and mobile migrate towards common platforms, data, and technologies, how will it impact measurement and attribution?  
  • How can messaging and creative keep up with advances in targeting?  
  • Can private exchanges provide advertisers with the quality and safety they want at the scale they need in video and mobile?
Data-driven and automated media buying are growing up and evolving as they also grow out to embrace new channels. At Mediapost’s Programmatic Insider Summit we engage the new definitions and forms programmatic will take in its second five years.


Programmatic’s Next Act: Life Beyond Performance Display

RTB and programmatic ad platforms are barely five years old and they have already eaten up considerable performance media spend and much of the conversation around digital advertising. At the second RTB Insider Summit we lean forward to explore how these approaches are moving into higher quality inventory and new media altogether.

We will explore how advanced targeting and media bidding and buying technologies are moving beyond performance and into branding campaigns, premium inventory, video, mobile and TV. The big questions for the industry involve whether these technologies are ready for such ambitious expansion and how media buyers and planners integrate the channels to find true efficiency and transparency? 

How do the familiar challenges of programmatic – transparency, quality, branding vs. performance, accountability – play out on new channels? 

But also how do the pieces come together using man and machine? How can programmatic models improve integrated planning, attribution, speed to market and optimization? 

But perhaps the biggest challenge for data-driven and automated ad platforms is whether their proliferation will change how advertising is created. Will the messages have to change? Will the art be made better by the science?


Programmatic 2.0: How to Get to Better Data, Creative and Supply

Programmatic platforms have grown well beyond their early roots in real-time bidding on remnant inventory. Programmatic 2.0 is about data-driven and automated precision at all levels of digital advertising and marketing, from richer direct esponse to more targeted premium display and video. It is not just about bidding but about richer data targeting of the consumer journey that can render a 360-degree view for every display, social, mobile and video channel. At MediaPost's inaugural summit on all things programmatic we upgrade the conversation.

It is time to talk about leveraging all that  data the online systems are generating. Let's decide how to improve creative and how to supply higher quality sources of trusted inventory.

The first stage of this robot revolution was sold on cost, speed and the elimination of waste.
The next version is about how programmatic platforms can improve all marketing.

At the first MediaPost RTB Insider Summit we explore whether and how the new machine makes better advertising and better marketers. We know tons of data is going into the targeting mechanisms, but can we extract from the process more insight about the customer and the consumer journey? How finely are we targeting these ads – no, really?