• Bandwidth Hogging: The Ugly Reality That Could Limit Streaming's COVID-19 Bonanza
    Netflix and YouTube have agreed to reduce their huge data use by making standard definition rather than HD their defaults in the EU-- but a month's commitment in one region of the world by only two of the big streamers isn't nearly enough to ensure that vital health and commerce services aren't threatened by streaming's strain on internet infrastructures.
  • How Much Will SVODs Benefit From Coronavirus' Stay-Home Dynamic?
    Sure, people are going to be watching more streaming content -- but if a recession sets in here as well as in other countries, the prospect pool for new subscribers will shrink.
  • What's Possible With Addressable? Maybe More Than You Think
    Cadillac is among the brands using innovative approaches like propensity models to home in on truly targeted prospects and reach them through addressable.
  • Where Is The TV/Video Ecosystem Headed? Thoughts From Disney, Discovery, Dentsu, Ampersand
    With all of the focus on streaming, CTV and addressable now, executives at these leading companies say that the industry needs to fashion a holistic approach that best employs the differing strengths of linear TV and advanced platforms.
  • ViacomCBS Puts Streaming, Advanced Advertising On The Front Burner
    Leveraging the company's SVOD and AVOD assets, and expanding advanced advertising partnerships, are linchpins in the core strategy of growing revenue by deploying content from all of the newly merged company's units across all platforms.
  • Programmatic OTT/CTV Ad Volume Up 300%+ In 2019; Roku Devices Lose Share To Amazon
    Roku's devices still heavily dominate, with 59% of programmatic ad share in this growing arena, but Amazon, driven by Fire TV, captured 19% last year, according to a new report from Pixalate.
  • Practical Ways To Protect Campaigns And Staunch Growing CTV Ad Fraud
    Ad fraud in the CTV environment has grown along with ad spend, as in other emerging digital ad environments. An ad-fraud prevention expert lays out concrete steps that media buyers, marketers and platforms can take to protect advertising investments and revenue growth during as this promising channel continues to take shape.
  • More Audience, Analytics Milestones For ATV
    The new MRI-Simmons and FourthWall Media partnership should enable new levels of audience profile sophistication for linear, as well as advanced, TV. Meanwhile, Amazon Web Services' Data Exchange is making Samba TV's OTT and linear data available in the cloud.
  • What Does a Cookie-Less World Mean For ATV? Here's Comscore's Take
    Comscore believes it's well-positioned to benefit because of its focus on contextual and Identifier For Advertising (IFA)-based audience targeting and measurement methodology. No cookies will make an IFA-based CTA approach particularly important, the measurement firm asserts.
  • ANA Study: Interactive CTV Ads Drive Big Earned-Time Increases
    Interactive CTV ads generated as much as 447% more earned time with viewers than standard ads.
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