• 55% Of TV Viewers Go First To OTT, Vs. 39% To Traditional Pay-TV... But Netflix Is Losing Ground
    Just 11% of 18-to-34 TV viewers go first to live TV from traditional pay-TV sources--but their tendency to try new streamers is also driving a decline in Netflix's status as the #1 default streamer.
  • CTV Platforms Drive 30% Of New OTT Subs, Gen Z Views Video As Much On PCs As TV
    Overall, 72% of households report regularly using multiple platforms for video viewing, finds new Parks Associates research.
  • Even Paid Content Viewers Are Surprisingly Ad-Tolerant
    Roughly 40% to 55% of consumers who pay for video/TV content are OK with ads during TV viewing, a TiVo survey indicates.
  • CTV Accounts For 60% Of Premium Video Ad Views, Programmatic Buys Now Up To 24%
    Roku and Amazon Fire TV devices continued to dominate CTV, with 43% and 26% of ad views, respectively - or more than three-quarters of views combined.
  • Six In 10 CTV Households Watch Free, Ad-Supported Streamers
    And YouTube now generates as much in ad revenue as Netflix does in subscription revenue.
  • Disney+ Still Has Vast Opportunity For Growth
    Disney+, already in 61 countries, will push into South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan in November. In the U.S., one of its opportunities lies in building social/video engagement with its exclusive content, new data shows.
  • CTV Ad Loads Are Important, But Not The Whole Ball Game
    The appeal of CTV's low ad loads can be easily undermined by annoying repetition of ads (especially the same creative) and technical problems like buffering, a new IAB report points out.
  • Tiered Streaming Options' Strong Appeal; Prime Video's Powerful Membership Draw
    "Tiered plans give viewers control of their experience," sums up the author of a new study on monetizing video.
  • CTV Key In Driving Travel Advertising Rebound
    CTV ad impressions and spending were up 320% and 390%, respectively, in this year's first half, reports TVSquared.
  • Q2: New U.S. SVOD Subs Slowed Sharply, Netflix Lost Share, Amazon On A Roll
    Amazon and newcomer Discovery+ bucked the
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