• Universal Addressability: Not Easy, But 'Within Reach,' Concludes New White Paper
    After an extensive analysis of what will be required on the technical end, consultant Tom Morgan says it's doable, with cooperation in a few critical areas.
  • Pros Talk Attribution, Automotive
    TV attribution is expected in automotive at the national advertising level, and poised for growth at the local level, say TV marketing and supplier execs.
  • Understanding Streamers Vs. Non-Streamers Critical To Local Ad Buys
    When it comes to local media buys, the complexity, along with the opportunities, have grown exponentially. A new Nielsen report offers a detailed status report and profiles streamers vs. non-streamers.
  • Traditional And Advanced TV Are Melding In Real Time
    Witness the stress on ATV's growth potential behind the Viacom-CBS remerger, and the win/win deal between Disney and Charter.
  • A New Forum For The Brave New World Of Advanced TV
    Digital News Daily's editor launches a weekly column dedicated to exploring this promising-but-complex media sector.
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