• Roku Exec Shares Advice For CTV Advertising Newbies, Growth Trends
    Two basic guidelines serve advertisers well when they're venturing into CTV testing, says Roku ad sales marketing VP Dan Robbins.
  • Three Years In, Prebid.org Takes On CTV-OTT
    A just-formed CTV-OTT task force aims to address standards, as well as create more advanced programming tools for long-form video.
  • Checking The Addressable Scorecard: MVPDs, Smart TV, NextGen TV
    An overview of MVPDs' current reach and in-the-works addressable initiatives.
  • CTV: The Next Walled Garden?
    For all of CTV's advantages and its growth, particularly since COVID, buyers continue to be frustrated by inability to to see impressions, reach and frequency by inventory source, and other transparency problems..
  • Streamers Still Watch Lots Of Linear... But 5% Of OTT Viewers Get No Linear Ads
    People who consistently watch multiple hours of streamed content each week also watch many hours of broadcast and basic cable. But brands seeking mass-market reach these days may need to put AVODs in the mix, says TV data company Alphonso.
  • Daily Video Time On TV-Connected Devices Surpasses An Hour
    Daily average time spent on TV-connected devices has grown by 20 minutes over two years, and 12 minutes in the past year alone, Nielsen reports.
  • CTV Ad Personalization Remains Elusive
    Research shows that consumers want personalization from CTV and other platforms. And for marketers, personalization is supposed to be a core benefit of CTV. So what's the holdup?
  • In Addressable, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
    Agency, network, MVPD and measurement executives extolled addressable's promise, but also acknowledged measurement and other challenges -- particularly on a national level -- during a BIA webinar.
  • Pluto TV Debuts On Verizon Mobile, STB, Fire Platforms
    The cross-platform integration of the ViacomCBS streamer is the largest to date in the free, ad-supported streaming services category, and includes more than 100,000 hours of existing content, plus three channels built exclusively for Verizon customers.
  • Study: 80% Of U.S. CTV Viewers Watch Ad-Supported Content
    Connected TV consumers are widely on-board with accepting advertising to get more content without spending more money, and most are positive about their advertising experiences, finds an in-depth survey conducted for SpotX.
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