Around the Net In Brand Marketing Editions for December 2008
Around the Net In Brand Marketing - Wednesday, Dec. 31, 2008
Docs, Pharma Under Increased Scrutiny
Some Rx Marketing Everybody Can Get Behind (Except Brands)
Wal-Mart Pulls Out Of Nielsen's PRISM Initiative
Dell Shakes Up Management Team; CMO Jarvis Leaving
Rite Aid Launches Weight Control Program With Lindora, Austin
Study: Physical Inactivity Ingrained Among Americans
Domino's Goes On Taste-Test Attack Against Subway
GMAC Loosens Credit To Expand Auto Lending
Consumer Confidence And Home Prices Hit Grim Records
Starbucks To Introduce New Tea-Based Drinks
Around the Net In Brand Marketing - Tuesday, Dec. 30, 2008
Gatorade Sports A New Uniform; Extensions Renamed
Some Lincoln Models Will Park Themselves In '09
AT&T Undercuts Wal-Mart With $99 Refurbished iPhones
Bill Blass Sold To Shirt, Neckwear Company For $10 Million
Affinnova's Evolution Simulation Software Assists Marketers
U.S. Gives $5 Billion To Auto Lender GMAC
Report: Apparel Makers To Ask Retailers For Concessions
Around the Net In Brand Marketing - Monday, Dec. 29, 2008
Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy: Pepsi Relaunching In Times Square
Porsche Ekes Out A Profit In Lean Year For Autos
Memoir From The Brains Behind Bonanza Steakhouse
P&G's 'Kiss Cam' Returns With Ryan Seacrest
Online Shopper Reviews Gain Traction
Corporate Darwinism: The Strong Survive And Thrive
Amway Brand Attempts Comeback In North America
Harvard Anti-Aging Researcher Quits Shaklee Advisory Board
Around the Net In Brand Marketing - Friday, Dec. 26, 2008
The Eyes Have It
Apple After Jobs?
Old Navy Launching New Image, Logo, Campaign
Palin's Custom Eyeglasses Set Off Frenzy
Recessions Are Great Times To Be In Marketing
CEO Who Shared His Social Security Number In Ads Had ID Stolen
Starbucks Will Shut Down Stores In U.S.
Ten Bright Marketing Ideas For 2008
Thank You
Around the Net In Brand Marketing - Wednesday, Dec. 24, 2008
Coke Gets FDA Warning Letter On Diet Coke Plus Claims
Barbie Marketing Gets A New Face For Her 50th
Money Saved At The Pump Is Going For Groceries
Retail Advertisers Emphasize Savings In Their Ads
Credit Cards Celebrate Birthdays
P&G Donating PUR To Zimbabwe
Fisher-Price Sorry For DVD's Adult Hot Line Number
Around the Net In Brand Marketing - Tuesday, Dec. 23, 2008
Ford Fusion Hybrid Will Boast 41 MPG, Setting Up 'Marketing Coup'
Toyota's Budget For 2009 Uncertain; Introduces Venza
Passengers Paying The Price For Low Fares: No Elbow Room
New Rules On Toy Safety May Force Small Companies To Close
FedEx Plans No Super Bowl Ads
Circuit City Gets Final Approval For Financing
Around the Net In Brand Marketing - Monday, Dec. 22, 2008
Madoff's Influence Carefully Cultivated And Paid For
Pedigree Will Use Super Bowl To Promote Pet Adoption
Villagers Bearing Arms Aim At Airship Bearing Ads
Ford Scores On The PR Front By Nixing Bailout Aid
Oh, Oh. Hasbro Makes A Controversy
Apple's iPod Touch Making Connection With Consumers
Political Heavyweights Shrum And Schoen Head To Edelman
Zappos CEO: How To Build A Brand Without Spending Big On Ads
Around the Net In Brand Marketing - Friday, Dec. 19, 2008
White House: $17.4 Billion Loan Program For Automakers
Verizon CMO O'Connell Departing After 24 Years
Fakes Gaining Ground In Christmas Tree Wars
FedEx Runs Into A Jam With Kinko's Acquisition
'Marley' Deal Is Purina's Branded-Entertainment Debut
The Wall Street Journal Gives Us A Jolt
Companies Find Savings In Home-Based Customer Service Reps
BBDO North America Lays Off 6%; 189 Jobs Lost
Polaroid Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
Around the Net In Brand Marketing - Thursday, Dec. 18, 2008
GM, Chrysler Talking Merger Again
Detroit's Ad Dollars Flow Even As Production Is Suspended
Credit Card Limits Signal Shift In D.C. Thinking
Holiday Shoppers Down, But Growing (And It's Worse In France)
Apple After Jobs?
FreshDirect Brings Healthy Eating To The Workplace
No Suitable Nodes Are Available To Serve Your Request
Around the Net In Brand Marketing - Wednesday, Dec. 17, 2008
Trade Show Woes: Apple Leaves MacWorld; Wang Departs Bryant Park
Bad Economic News Not Only Travels Fast, It Feeds On Itself
FDA To Rx Industry: Improve Quality Of Leaflets
Mulally Steering Ford In The Right Direction
Phelps Puts His Name On Video Game Project
Men's Professional Tennis Gets $15-Million Marketing Facelift
Why The Stock Pros Pick PepsiCo: It's a Food Company
P&G Trimmed 2008 Ad Spend 6% Through September
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