Around the Net In Media Editions for October 2012
Around the Net In Media - Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2012
NY: City Without Newspapers (But Fake News Reports) For A Day
Boxee TV Partners With Walmart For Holiday Launch
For-Sale Current TV Faces Diminished Prospects
'All In The Family' As TV History
Around the Net In Media - Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2012
Journalism Question Of The Day: Man-On-The-Beach Coverage Or Not?
How The Election Could Affect Advertising
'NY Times'Circ Up 40%
Local Political Story: NY, NJ Officials Ready For Their Close-Ups?
Around the Net In Media - Monday, Oct. 29, 2012
FYI: Keeping Informed If You Lose Power During Sandy
'NY Times,' Union Reach Tentative Agreement
'Anderson Live' Canceled After Two Seasons
'Onion' Will Stop Print Publication In NY
The Other Mad Men: Followers Of That Mag's Ad Parodies
Around the Net In Media - Friday, Oct. 26, 2012
Networks To Change Exit Poll Strategy
'The Week' Australia Ends Publication
How The DVR Has Become No. 1 TV 'Network'
Newspapers Lagging In Pinterest Presence
Brad's Chanel No. 5 Spot Almost Tops Viral Video Chart
Around the Net In Media - Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012
Political Ads Break Records
Joe Alexander Named CCO, Martin Agency
Keith Olbermann Looking For New TV Job
McClatchy Co. Reports Ad, Circulation Revenues Down
Morning Shows Pull Out Big Guns For Start Of Sweeps
'Harper's' Relaunches Website
CW, Comcast Partner To Bring Network's Shows To VOD
Around the Net In Media - Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012
Software Developer Debuts 'Jamie' Magazine
Scripps Networka Could Be In Play
Weather Channel Tweaks Name And Programming
Can Journalism Discover The Capital T 'Truth'?
Obama Outguns Romney On TV Spots By Wide Margin
Seattle Paper Plugs Gubernatorial Candidate, Not Just Editorially, But With Free Ads
Voters Burning Out From Political 'Air War,' Face Even Bigger Ad Salvo Heading Toward Election Day
Around the Net In Media - Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2012
Connecticut GOP Candidate Miffs Party By Touting Obama Supporters In Ads
Readers Digest Shuts Down 'Healthy Cooking' Mag As Standalone
Forbes, Martini Media Partner For Branded Content Ads
TV Guide Has Its Own Way To Track Show Ratings
The Bad News: NYT Staffers Mull Action, Clark Kent Quits Paper
Cookie-Targeting Political Ad Firm Claims Online Sales Pitch Was Inadvertent
Facebook Won't Like This Study, Finds Political Ads Don't Work On It
DC Stations Alternating Current Affairs, Trim Regular Programming To Add Political Spots
Obama Dominates Twitter With 'Horses And Bayonets'
Around the Net In Media - Monday, Oct. 22, 2012
AMC Settles With Dish
Abortion-Themed Poltical Ads Proliferate In October
Football Downs Singing: 'Idol' Ads No Longer Worth Top Dollar
'Newsweek' Postmortem: Daily Beast Helped Kill Print Version
'Eating Well' Doing Well After Sale
Buckeye State Rakes In Political Bucks
The Most Important Medium In Presidential Race: Knocking On Doors
Record Political Ad Spend Making Media Owners 'Giddy'
Around the Net In Media - Friday, Oct. 19, 2012
Masthead Changes: Handy Scorecard
CNN Launches News Dashboard
Surprise: Majority Of Millennials Get Election News From Trad Sources
Professor: News Biz Is Falling Off Cliff
Around the Net In Media - Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012
NBC's NonStop Channel To Exit For Something Cozi
VC To Publishing Execs: Print Is Dead
Nielsen: 75% Of U.S. Households Own HD Sets
Can Creatives Make More Than Their Boss?
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