TiVo Tallies Top Ads Post-Super Bowl

Coke Super Bowl XLIII ad spotSuper Bowl commercials get major viewership. But how do those brands compare at other times of the year?

TiVo says one way of analyzing this is determining low "commercial avoidance"--also known as DVR fast-forwarding. When looking at Super Bowl marketers' commercials in non-Super Bowl programming, Coca-Cola had the best ad-viewer results.

Looking at 123 network prime-time spots, Coke ads were only skipped 46% of the time; of 62 spots that aired on cable, Coke's ads were skipped 32% of the time. The average rate of DVR fast-forwarding of commercials, according to a number of research groups, is typically between 60% and 70%.

Other top brands included Internet domain seller GoDaddy.com, which had a 35% rate when it came to its 270 cable spots. For 83 commercials on cable, Doritos Tortilla Chips equaled Coke's number with 32%.



Careerbuilder.com had a 46% avoidance rate on network, and a 52% number for cable. Monster.com was a little better than the average: 39 network spots earned a 58% score, and 251 cable commercials yielded a 48% number.

TiVo also offered up another separate survey for the best-rated commercials in December 2008, with movie and other entertainment trailers scoring the best results.

Sony's "Seven Pounds" movie commercial on ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" scored the best single exposure of any ad: a 14.7 rating on Dec 4th. Two days earlier, the same commercial on Fox's "Fringe" earned an 11.2 rating.

ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" earned the best commercial ratings of all shows--scoring big numbers for Citibank MasterCard/Visa, Apple MacBook and MGM's "Valkyrie" movie.

Fox's "X-Files: Fight the Future" also grabbed an 11.2 rating during "Fringe."

The best time-shifted commercial was "Seven Pounds" on ABC's "Grey's Anatomy," with an 8.5 rating. A "Seven Pounds" spot on Fox's "Fringe" was in second place with a 7.9 rating.

AT&T Wireless on "Fringe" was next (7.9 rating); the movie "Walt Disney Bedtime Stories" earned a 7.7 on "Fringe"; an HBO ad on "Fringe" was also at 7.7; and "X-Files: Fight the Future" scored a 7.6, also on "Fringe."

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