Stars Sparkle Online For

Oscars.comBig increases in traffic and page views were the result of last Sunday's Academy Awards.

The site, a joint production of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences and Disney-ABC TV Group's digital media, took in more than 3.1 million unique visitors on the day of the program for a gain of 91% and 34.5 million page views--an 87% increase.

ABC, which telecast the show, also noted that page views climbed the day after the event 42.5 million--a 59% gain over the previous year. Unique visitors fell on Monday versus Sunday to 2.47 million. ABC said visitors' time spent on the site grew 42% to 14.5 minutes. also did well providing videos. Totals video views for Sunday and Monday were 18 million. This was more than a 500% rise compared to 2008, and up nearly 675% from 2007. This year's site launched Jan. 22, a month before the event. More than 26.3 million videos were viewed.

One of the main sponsors on the site was Sprint-Nextel, which was also a first-time buyer of the TV telecast.



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