Fandango Movie Tix Available To Dish Customers

movie reelFrenemies have emerged once again in the multichannel provider space. Customers of satellite operator Dish Network can now purchase movie tickets via Fandango with their remote controls using an interactive on-screen offering. is owned by Comcast, the country's largest cable provider and competitor with Dish for subscribers.

Providing similar functionality to what Fandango offers on the Web, Dish users can tune into a channel and using a remote control instead of a mouse, enter a ZIP code and watch Fandango provide listings and show times at nearby theaters.

Those with phone lines linked with their set-top boxes can further use a credit card to buy tickets. And as they do with, customers can then display the credit card at a theater to redeem tickets.

The application serves as another example of the capabilities of interactive TV--which has shown promise for years--but may finally be gaining some traction with the evolution of set-top boxes. That should accelerate in the coming year as Canoe Ventures, a research and development operation funded by the cable operators, is set to begin offering opportunities in the arena.



Dish Executive Vice President Michael Kelly said that the Fandango deal is a first step, indicating the company may have an opportunity to surround its purchase function with marketing capabilities.

"In the future, we envision banner ads for upcoming titles, movie trailers and more for our interactive advertising clients," Kelly said.

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