Twitter Campaign Calls For Social Change

twitter has launched the Tweet to Remind campaign, encouraging Twitter users to support injured U.S. service members as they return home from Iraq and Afghanistan. The campaign for social change aims to ease the challenges military families face as they attempt to integrate back into communities., a Bob Woodruff Family Foundation (BWF) initiative, developed the campaign in partnership with public relations agency Porter Novelli to provide resources and support for injured Americans and their families.

Rene Bardorf, executive director at BWF, Bristow Va., said it's the responsibility of American citizens to take action in local communities to support military families and help ensure that they have successful futures.

Since meaningful ideas spread rapidly on Twitter, Bardorf chose the application to start the grassroots movement. Twitter users can register at The Tweet to Remind online event will take place during the Memorial Day weekend.

"We ask that each person donate $1 per tweet and pledge to tweet to four friends, family, and coworkers to engage them in dialogue about the issues facing injured service members and their families," she said. "If we have approximately 400,000 people each tweet four times, we will achieve our goal of raising $1.65 million dollars, symbolizing the sacrifices of the 1.6 million service members who volunteered to serve and have deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan." finds and funds effective programs and partners with them to ensure that injured heroes and their families have successful futures. The organization identifies the challenges for injured service members, and creates awareness in local communities. Every dollar raised from the Twitter campaign will go entirely to help injured heroes and their families.

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