Easter Dinner Out To Be Less Eggstravagant

  • March 26, 2009
Restaurant dining, as well as sales of candy and traditional gifts of all kinds, are expected to drop substantially this Easter, according to estimates from market research firm IBISWorld.

Restaurant sales, predominantly full-service on holidays, are projected to decline 6%.

Total sales from Easter clothing, candy, flowers, decorations, food and greeting cards are projected to dive 8%, to $13.6 billion.

Only grocery retailers and their food/beverage suppliers will benefit a bit (up a projected 3.5%, to $4.6 billion) as holiday observers stay home in droves to dine, the analysts report.

However, candy makers and other Easter-dependent marketers will be able to cushion the blow a bit because there's more selling time this year. Easter is 20 days later than it was last year (April 12 versus March 23).--Karlene Lukovitz



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