RPA: TV Remains Popular Medium, All Ages

A report from agency RPA using Nielsen figures shows that people in eight demos -- cradle to grave -- watch on average more than 100 hours of television a month, even with the explosion of other media options. And a relatively small percentage of viewing, across all segments, is done via DVRs.

The figures stretch from the 106 hours a month viewed on average in the 2-to-ll age group, to 200-plus for those 65-plus. Along the way, 18- to-24-year-olds watch 118 hours, and those 35 to 44 watch some 147 hours.

For all TV viewers, the average per-month viewing is 151 hours. The data -- which is for at-home viewing only, and includes live and time-shifted consumption -- comes from the fourth quarter of 2008.

On average, in the 18-to-24 demo, only 4% of viewing is done in time-shifted fashion. In the 35-to-44 segment, the percentage is 6%.

The group that views the most video on the Web is the 18-to-24 demo, at a 5 hour-a-month average. Adults 25 to 34 view some 4 hours, the next-highest. RPA said the viewing is done mostly at work.



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