Kagan: Future TV, Radio Revs Slow Through 2013

TV with arrow downTV and radio stations endured almost double the rate of revenue declines in 2008.

SNL Kagan says TV stations' 2009 revenues could drop 15.7%, with radio stations sinking 15.0%. This compares with a 6.9% drop in TV station revenue and 10% drop in radio station revenue in 2008.

Last year, TV stations local and national spot revenue ended at $20.1 billion, with radio at $17.7 billion, according to the media research company.

SNL Kagan believes things will begin to turn around in 2010. But through 2013, Kagan says resultant revenue after five years will amount to a 2.0% decline for TV and a 1.9% fall for radio from the levels of this year.

Local markets in Michigan will grow the slowest -- with Detroit market seeing a 16.3% decline for radio and a 17.7% fall for TV.

Washington, D.C., will have the best performance of all markets when it comes to five-year revenue projections, coming close to returning to today's levels. SNL Kagan says Washington will be at a 0.4% loss for radio and 0.2% decline for TV. San Diego came in second, projecting a 0.4% decline for radio and 0.5% fall for TV.



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