ABC Radio to Streamline Ad Sales in Every Station

  • January 31, 2001
BuyMedia, Inc. today announced that ABC Radio Group will license BuyMedia's Marketron2000 software for all of its ABC Radio and some Disney Radio stations in the United States.

Using BuyMedia's Marketron2000, ABC Radio will electronically manage and integrate the advertising sales, accounting and traffic processes across departments and across multi-station clusters. Cumbersome manual routing of information among departments, error prone re-keying of data and the time-consuming approval process will be eliminated. As a result, transactions will be more efficient and station groups will be able to reduce unsold ad time through accurate forecasting and planning.

In addition, BuyMedia's Marketron2000 is fully integrated with, thus enabling ABC Radio to send and receive all buyer communications, including avail requests and orders, electronically, and the information will move seamlessly into Marketron2000.



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