Companies Team to Measure Effects of Online Branding and Wireless

  • by January 26, 2001
Greenfield Online, Inc. and, Inc. today announced a partnership that will combine their respective expertise in technology and marketing research to advance two cutting-edge marketing arenas: online brand advertising and wireless advertising.

Peter Daboll, president and COO of, said brand advertisers have not previously embraced online advertising as an effective medium. "Online advertising has been viewed as a direct response medium because it provides advertisers the opportunity to measure click-through rates and conversions. and Greenfield Online are teaming to provide the ability to quantify the advertising impact on brand metrics as a crucial new aspect of online marketing campaigns."

The two copanies have developed a product - the first to result from the partnership - that will give marketers an opportunity to measure the effect of a campaign's impact online, even when consumers do not interact with advertisements.

"We can offer advertisers real-time insight on what works and what doesn't," said Brin Bell, Greenfield Online's senior VP for business development.



Together, the companies will measure the impact of an advertisement's impression, gain valuable insights from consumers, and deliver results on the effect of branding on the Internet. "We've learned from traditional media campaigns - using television, radio, print and outdoor - that different advertising media are selected for different brand objectives," Daboll said. "For certain brand information objectives, such as launching line extensions or communicating product improvements, the Internet is an ideal medium. Our new product gives us the ability to measure the effects of such brand campaigns beyond the 'click' to achieve the overall advertising objectives."

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