The Market Strength of the Chinese American Population

  • by January 24, 2001
The Chinese North American population is a high-income, net savvy and well-educated audience ideal for targeted online marketing, according to research released by SINA, which operates the largest network of Chinese websites around the world, including the most popular Chinese portal in North America, commissioned the study to identify specific demographic information and Internet usage patterns of one of the fastest-growing, yet under-surveyed, population segments.

The research, based on interviews with 1,005 citizens of Chinese descent living in the United States and Canada, shows that more than half of Chinese Americans have Internet access, with 97% owning a PC at home. Three quarters of the surveyed Chinese Internet users go online every day to shop, send email, engage in online trading or other activities, while a majority of them have a college degree and an average income of $69,000. Fifty-eight percent of Chinese Internet users in the United States have investments, and, of those, 70% trade stocks online at an average of nine trades per month. Forty-two percent of Chinese Internet users in Canada have an investment portfolio, and 51% of them trade online with an average of approximately five trades per month. Additionally, close to a quarter of Chinese Internet users in both the United States and Canada conduct online banking.



“Although advertisers are starting to recognize the importance of multicultural marketing, there is very little research on distinct ethnic groups to assist companies in their marketing decisions,” said David Eddy, VP of Sales, SINA. “Our research paints a clear picture of the Chinese American online audience and validates it as a lucrative segment for companies looking to expand their revenue base.

Researchers also found that nearly six out of 10 Chinese-American Internet users have purchased one or more products/services online within the past year. Books are the most frequent online purchases followed by computer products and electronics. Telecommunications products are also more likely to be purchased by Chinese-Canadian Internet users.

Also, the majority of United States (73%) and Canadian (63%) Chinese Internet users visit Chinese-language websites and the vast majority of Chinese Internet users in both countries make an average of eight international calls a month.

SINA also found that over three quarters (77%) of Chinese Internet users in Canada have at least one cell phone in the household versus 61% in the United States.

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